Nike Rejuven8

I was in the Nike store over the weekend. I tried on a pair of the Rejuven8 recovery shoes. I thought the concept to be hokie…but damn, these things were SUPER comfy.

Anyone have a pair? Any insight on the story behind them?

I just read a little about the back story here:

A very interesting story. Not sure if it happened exactly that way, but it goes to show you, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN at all times.

I got the white/White/Silver ones on the first week. Super cush… great “on the plane to China” shoe. The construction is interesting. Co molded, one piece urethane web, with a harder urethane toe bumper over a sock. IMO these are a great evolution of Huarache>>Presto>>Free.

love these. I was a big fan of the Nike x Marc Newson shoes which inspired these, but never picked them up since they were so expensive ($400+!).

Does the sock lining come out? Its shown that way in the below pics (also a sweet black/blue/grey colorway).

Another shoe I recently saw when browsing in a Nike shop was the Nike Free Everyday Trainer. Below is the only pic I could find of it, but also have a few more iphone pics i took in store (shh, don’t tell).

Love the way the upper pattern is almost retro referencing early 90’s designs, and also with the color that to me is more pink and less orange in real life (at least from what I remember). Very Air 180ish. The construction is pretty cool too with a combo of stitched PU panels and what looks like a HF weld in the toe area. I’m a huge fan of the Free/Presto for the comfort and minimalism and will certainly be picking this up soon im sure.


PS. also saw some other Free Trainer that was co-branded Bauer. I know Nike owns Bauer, but I dont really get the co-branding. It’s just a logo on the tongue/sockliner, but I fail to understand what it’s supposed to mean. Is it designed specifically for some sort of hockey training? Seems like a confusing branding story to me…Nike normally keeps their brands (ie. Nike/Starter/Hurley/Converse, etc.) pretty separate and well defined with the exception of the Nike Air tech in the Cole Haan range. anyone (Yo?) have any insight on this?


They’re now customizable at the iD store for $125…