NIKE "pouch" for kicksguide

Hi guys!Here’s my submission for kicksguide freestyle theme…Nike “pouch”.
All coments are welcome…
Thank u

Nike “pouch”

Nike “pouch” introduction

I like the idea, but not the way it is styled.

This idea could be flushed out to work. The material will bunch (like a pouch) so it may work better if it was a network of finders that reached up to the lace so they could draw together and overlap if necessary.

On the visualization of the idea; what type of performance did you see this product being for? The styling of the upper has kind of a late 90’s training look, unspecific to any particular sport. The outsole doesn’t seem to relate, and is seems heavily inspired by some of the more recent LeBron product.

Design it more. Dive into how this applies to a specific sport application. If it is a lifestyle product, dive into what type of consumer it is for and why it would appeal to them.