Nike Phantom Trainer

Hi everybody. Couple of moths ago I posted a few sneaker concepts and asked for feedback. Now I’m posting what I came up with, after I did some more research. For those who might remember - I wasn’t student at the time. In the meantime, I enrolled a MFA program in ID at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. This is my first semester studying design. Nike Phantom Trainer is a cross/training shoe, mostly inspired by Nike Cross Trainer SC and Phantom Corsair (1938). I would apreciate any feedback. Thanks.

There has been a bit of a lag on this one, so I’m just going to let it loose. You obviously have some good skills. Below are some of my suggestions.

A little bit difficult to separate the design from the background, I would recommend showing a clean lateral view.

Your proportions are nice on your bottom view, but inserting the photo of the airbag distracts. I would stylize it to match your drawings.

Lateral view proportions look a bit puffy. The design is very large and blocky, but then the elements get a bit spindle like up toward the strap. All of the detail is up at the top and in the toe, with the back lower quarter being almost blank. Unify it. Make it look like a foot goes in there! I question all those individual rubber elements on the side view as well. I don’t think you would want that in reality, as there would be a lot of delam/exposed glue issues. You could attach all of them with a 10-15mm wide frame along the outer edge and still get the flexibility/weight savings.

Also, watch your materials. Looks like the grey quarter panel comes down and becomes midsole? Or is that all double lasted?

Keep the faith!

These are very nice shoe design… i appreciate your work… Keep it up

Thanks a lot guys for your replies. Yo, I’ll take your advise regarding the tiny rubber outsole parts. Design wise, I’ll work on it as well. Materias: the grey quarter panel is not double lasted - it is sewed to the white leather back panel, which is double lasted (with the cutout for the airbag window). The black outsole part in the back is shown in it’s actual shape (sideview). It borders with the gray quarter panel. The side and the front is not double lasted - the grey quarter panel is sewed onto the midsole (partialy shown on the bottom). Huge white upper part (front and the side under the grey upper, but not in the back) is sewed to the midsole traditional way. I hope this make sense…does it? :slight_smile: