Nike Performance Basketball Project

Here is an entry I was doing for last months KicksGuide contest, but didn’t find the time to finish it by deadline. So, here it is. Don’t have a ton to say about it, if you read up on it it’s for the most part self-explanatory. Anyway, that’s that.

You have a nice designer handwritten text. Looks good for a kicksguide project…I think the heel on your rendering is hanging over a bit much. The final design is not too exciting to me but looks good.

wheelo28: Very interesting design :slight_smile: but…my comments are…

You could have used a template to control your proportions and like jm745 mentioned, the heel part is a little bit off. Also, the flywire could have been design in a new way,(maybe wavy lines, zigzaging…) it looks too much like those on the hyperdunk. I like the design but i think the overall proportion is taking it down a bit.

Good job man :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Yeah, the more I look at it, the more it seems I left the heel to collar too steep. I’m surprised I didn’t notice that before, but, I thought overall the proportions were not half bad, besides the heel running up the rear of the sneaker and maybe the throat meeting the toebox is a tad high and not as pronounced? Overall, I left a little bit of room for personal style, but in the end it looks like it took away a bit from the rendering itself. Thanks again guys for the feedback.

And, about the Flywire design, yeah, I thought about completely revamping it. But, instead went away from the very straight and angular approach ie Hyperdunk and treat it with some curve, more organic feel. But, I see what you’re saying, there’s not a ton of difference there.

On my sketches page, I included the same quick sketch twice. :confused: Didn’t notice until reading your comments. Funny. Have to go back and change that.


Nice project.

A couple of things. Always be careful how you use inspiration images. Right now they dominate the presentation. Scale, them, tone them down, and most importantly, show how they directly apply.

A little too much text.

Proportions. See the below attachment. I threw down a few lines to show how I would alter the proportions and harmonize the design. Right now the upper doesn’t seem to relate much to the tool.

i second all the above comments. more specifically-

  1. Your text in the first panel has lots of typos. This is an easy thing to avoid and is very bad for a portfolio piece.

  2. agreed that the inspiration is a bit dominate, and I dont really see any link between the images/things you describe and the final solution. “square…edgy, boxy shape, muscular, mechanical, robot, original…” You shouldn’t say these things if you arent going to follow up in the design. hurts more than helps.

  3. proportion. well covered by Yo. biggest distraction is the super high collar line, IMHO.

  4. The design looks fairly conventional, and while its good to show some process sketches, I don’t really get the feel you explored too many options/directions before finalizing the design. They all look pretty basic, and not too far from what’s already out there. For a self-initiated project like this, I think you could push it a lot further.

  5. Would be good to also see some additional views. I think in particular this design may be kinda boring from a top view with the large panel on the toebox and the basic eyestay overlay you have shown. Also, I’m not sure about the materials, but if thats a synthetic PU piece you have on the collar line, it may be kinda stiff and get a lot of wrinkles being so thin and close to the collar edge. You might want to reconsider that part or switch it to a reverse seam mesh/lycra panel to keep the same look if need be.

  6. Overall, I’d suggest to put more time into developing the design through sketching, as opposed to the inspiration images and technical text stuff. I see a lot of this on Kicksguide and in other forums where a simple design is presented and “talked up” with all sorts of hidden “magic” technology that is apparently inside. For a portfolio work especially I believe more design and sketchwork is more important than tech mumbo-jumbo and a fancy final rendering, IMHO.

Keep up the good work. would be interesting to see a revision based on some of the above comments!