NIKE/NEW BALANCE template...


I am a designer specialized in urban wear and am interested in designing and coloring new models of Nike Dunk Low and New Balance M574.

I’d like to know if someone here happens to have official or unofficial Illustrator templates for the shoes. I mean the production templates that are used by Nike for production, with the original layout of different parts of the shoes.



I highly doubt someone would put those out with knock-offs being so prevailant. If you’re going to design and color some, I’d say to make those templates yourself, it’ll be good practice.

you are right. well, i thought maybe someone who already designed those shoes might have the illustrator templates.
U know, I am not too keen on un-sewing a pair of dunks to get the right sizes and so on, and I don’t own a pair of NB M574.
but you’re right, it’d be a good exercise.

you are looking for the pattern pieces? that would be almost impossible to get i would imagine unless you made it yourself.

what do you plan to do with them? sew your own shoes?

Or are you just looking for a side view in illustrator to color up? if so, that should be very easy to make using a photo…

So, yes, I am looking for the pattern pieces.
Of course I could buy a pair of shoes, un-sew them,
scan and make my own Illustrator templates.
But I guessed maybe someone has done that before,
especially Nike must have. I’ve contacted them and never
received a reply. Although I work for a fashion brand,
they never took the time to contact me.

Right now I’d like to design those dunk models and propose
them a collaboration.

To answer your question: it’s not just to color-up, it’s pattern work,
and mock-ups preparation as well. I am afraid making it only in 2D, like
a generic side-view, would be a bit weak.

If anyone have a clue about how to prepare a good presentation, let me know. I don’t actually know what Nike or NB wants to receive when one supplies a new design or color-way.


i think a drawing/illustration is normally more than sufficient for any presentation…

…and I’m pretty sure Nike would not accept unsolicited submissions…

In any case, I suggest you check out the footwear forum here on core. There are lots of industry people like myself who could maybe give you some direction. As well, the moderator of the forum, Yo, works at Nike, FYI.



Thanks alot Richard, for the help.
I’ll keep an eye open and try to break in the shoe business.
So far I’ve done quite a lot of clothes design and will try
shoes from now.

Knock offs are everywhere so I would caution you to be careful asking for stuff like that on the net…If you go to they usually have people that make templates in the sneaker art section…