Nike NanoGlide Concept

I still think you are missing the boat a bit on the proportions. Maybe I’m just a stickler.

The photo exercises you did where excellent. They give us a great point of departure for comparison.

With that Alpha project shoe (I forget the name of it, I know, and I work here) look how round your heal is! your vamp and forefoot are also pretty high, even if the shroud adds like 4-5mm’s, it wouldn’t be that thick.

The Melo 1.5 has a very rounded heel and a pretty extreme heel rake (its all compression molded) I think thats as far as you could go there.

The Melo also has a very high collar, and you are over that. For playing, you don’t want to restrict ankle movement, just support it.

The anti inversion thing looks much less delicate, more supportive, good job. Now make it look comfortable. I like the open heel. It can work, as long as the opening is around the malleolus (ankle bone), and not much more than that. I think you can close it down 5-8mm and still get the same visual impact and function out of it.

Which leads to the next point I think the laces should come up higher. This is why I was telling you to look at the XX.

Stitching could lend it some realism.

Other views? Whats going on in the bottom view, what does the toe down look like.

I know I’m pushing you, but these things will build a better entry.

I don’t know anything about shoe design, but it seems that the rounded heel would be rather uncomfortable…I keep having this image of someone falling as they shift their CG backwards, and the shoe rotates upwards and forwards…

Also, yenomoris, about your signature…I don’t know if it’s an inside joke (Feynman anyone?) but ANY curve you can imagine will have a horizontal tangent at its lowest point, where the derivative is zero.

arclight, your right. isn’t it wonderful? tangents are possibly the nicest thing i know, second to resonance for frequency selection in radios.

some old comparisons i found on my comp, version 1 with the previous carters.

hmm. the toe box and lacing area is the opposite end of the spectrum from the alphaproject shoe. but yo was right about the height of the ankle strap… i’ve superposed many shoes and mines way high.

yo: im working on a more realistic and workable shoe. will post on sunday. thanks for the loads of help an suggestions.

here is a concept by Ian Gale off of Kicks

A good starting point. A little low in the toebox, but other than that pretty nice.

ive sort of taken the nanoglide concept towards a more realistic idea, vince carter’s next signature shoe. i’ve only done the line drawings right now… so here’s a 5 minute rendering.
all will be explained shortly, hopefully you guys can get the concept through this one pic.

oh and btw it still uses free and shox. and zoom. so its really really bulky!

yo, (and anyone else) have there been cases of shox columns breaking? i mean with side to side movement. and how strong is the carbon fibre material used for the plates under shoes. (a hollow box made of that material, would it break if a player landed hard on it? all these questions lead to the design of my shoe in a complicated way.

oh and i hope y’all like the ankle strap,
that will be the only splash of colour on the shoe. :smiley:
and, the shoe is assymetric.

under the shroud, the laces pass through “eyelets” attached to the shroud,
so when you tighten the laces the shroud will take the shape of the foot.
also, the tongue will curve to the foot pattern.(when the laces are tied)
i suppose eyelets isn’ t the right word, i’ll try posting the pics .
i know there was a air jordan with magnetic fixing buttons thingies (dunno what else to call it) are there many other shoes like that?



oh crap the shox columns look real mucky…

hmm yo is the ankle too high still?

hey yenomoris,

it’s really good that you keep trying but it’s really not a guessing game. try looking at your own or better someone else’s foot. look at the general shape of it, the dimensions, how wide the ankle is compared to the rest of the foot, also look at where the ankle bends…if i’m not wrong in athletics shoes you have to support that area but still leave it flexible.

your sketches look too triangular to me, the line that goes from the toes to the ankle is far too straight, it shouldn’t be a 45 degree angle straight line, there should be some resemblance to the actual shape of the foot.

personally i would stop re-doing the same sketch over and over again as i think your eyes are too use to it now, try something new and try using yo’s outline sketches for the proportions (from his site).

jelena, your right, the ankle needs to be supported and not restricted. that is why i kept the vince carter signature shoe in mind while designing this new version.
here is a pic with the previous carter shoe superposed. you can see that the highest point of the shoe as well as the overall length correlate quite well.
therefore, no undue restrictions imposed on the ankle.

i’m happy cos i did it without looking at the VC : )

you are also right bout the triangulated look of the shoe.
my idea was to eliminate excessive padding whereever not required.
so the toe box is smaller in my concept, and the tongue is thinner.

as i mentioned before, the shroud will be attached to the laces. when you tighten the laces
a)the tongue will take “curve” of the foot.
b) the shroud will tighten to fit each players unique foot.

the shox are visible on the medial side, i’ll post a render of the workings of the shroud+free+shox over the weekend. its quite an interesting concept.

i hope this answered your questions.
i also hope i dont sound too much like a mule.


i understand what you’re saying and your explanations are pretty clear but i don’t really agree with all of it. especially regarding the proportions.

also why draw a shoe that’s un-done?

"as i mentioned before, the shroud will be attached to the laces. when you tighten the laces
a)the tongue will take “curve” of the foot.
b) the shroud will tighten to fit each players unique foot. "

that’s like sketching a deflated football.

the tongue: is not curved in this picture because the laces as you can see are untied. most shoes have several eyeholes for the laces, so whether the the laces are tied or untied the tongue is in the shape it will always be. my concept has only one loop after the shroud for the laces, so when it is untied the whole area will be lax.

the shroud: with all the concern bout the proportions for the first nanoglide i drew, i decided to keep a foot as base. then again it was a bit confusing,

my dad is real short but fat, (5’6) and his feet are size 7. but real “thick”. so the height to length ratio was more than that of my foot which are size 11. (i’m skinny and 5’11)

so there are problems no? whose foot to look at?
decided to keep it adjustable. so when you tighten the laces, everything is attached to them, so everything gets tightened. further tightening by the straps. (1 and 2)

btw the deflated football was funny, i hadn thought of it that way.

i draw another a shoe with a foot in it and laces tightened for you?
i suppose that is an essential part of design process no…

thanks a lot for asking… and hope my reasoning is not too weak…

meet n:

inspired by apple’s ipod nano, the nike n aims at capturing the essence of the nano- performance, beauty, and good design. the n is evolved from the nanoglide concept, retaining its key technologies while developing the features better.
the nano’s personalisability inspired the interchangeable heel cushioning pods, and the customisable strap.
similar to the nano’s clear and coloured tubes, the n’s pods come in transparent (air capsule) and colours (zoom) keeping with the pop flavour of the nano.

the duality that stands out in the nano’s design - two colourways, and the semi organic / metallic contrasting materials on the device (front / back) - were highlighted throughout the n,
especially in the outsole that leaps up in a surge of power at the forefoot, wrapping around the foot in a double streak.

the heel pods are attached by magnetic snap buttons to the heel counter as well as to the outsole.

throughout the n, the focus (both form wise as well as function wise) has been on the forefoot- retaining the nanoglides philosophy of exerting greater pressure on the forefoot, ie, running instead of walking down the court.
that is why the forefoot retains the free+shox cushioning technology first featured on the nanoglide.


the exclusivity of the nano is best captured in the n’s maroon and gold colourway.
the bubbly appeal of the nano brought about the ice grey / powder pink colourway for ladies, while the uber cool nano attitude reveals itself in the black / royal colourway.
the black / white colourway took cues from the bright screen that contrasts with the black nano’s brilliant black.