Nike Lance 360 Hybrid concept.

I am a huge Lance/Nike fan so I thought I would combine 2 of my favorite shoes together to make a Lance 360 Hybrid.


Cool concept! The proportions seemed off to me though. Maybe a little more low profile:

I would abstract the upper a bit more. I don’t think you want a ratchet on the side of a lifestyle shoe. I essentailly had a simmilar project when I first came to Nike about 5 years ago. The brief was to do a lowprofile street version of Lance’s shoe: The bottom is inspired by the Carbon Fiber plate/cleate, but not literal. The upper is also simplified, with materials changed up.

I remeber when those came out Michael… I didn’t care too much for the colors or material choices though. I don’t feel they did the shoe justice. I remember Nike doing a black/grey colorway also. I feel the buckle is what sets the shoe apart and makes it unique and different from all others out there. Plus I feel that the heel counter/buckle is a key feature and is what makes it a “Lance” shoe. It is similar to that old G.P. bball shoe…

Thanks for the feedback…