Nike Hyperdunk, What do you think?

Hi everybody :slight_smile:
Nike officially unveiled the Hyperdunk yesterday in Portland. Nike CEO Mark Parker and Kobe were on hand to introduce it. It officially hits retail in July.

I personally like the design, the concept and story behind it :sunglasses:, and since we people here at core77 usually like to questioned the functions of most shoe designs being posted by students and pro, i wanted to ask a couple of questions and maybe learn something new from different opinions :wink:

What do you think about the Nike Hyperdunk?
Do you think that the Flywire technology is really innovative? really useful? are there not already in the market any other materials or fabrics (textiles) that could do the same job?

from a โ€œwould I wear itโ€ point, my answer is no. Just doesnโ€™t appeal to my sense of style.

I like it. It gets worn pretty quick though like the hyperflights did. Iโ€™d like to try a pair out and see if theyโ€™ve got enough support.