Nike Huarache 2K9 Rendering

Hi guys,

Here’s a rendering I’ve been working on developing the last few weeks. Some of you have probably seen the original sketch in the Sketch-Fu thread.

I think it’s all pretty self-explanatory…let me know what you think and what I can work on.

I am always impressed with your work, and at such a young age. I think you are starting to go deeper into exploring inspirations and design language which is definitely a huge step in the right direction. The one comment I have about this particular project is that while it was insightful to find out about the roots of Huarache, I think you kind of just slapped the material on there. You might want to work on how it relates to the design and the form. Maybe the huarache shoe is a more unique jumping off point than the Nikes you choose…Great start as always, but we all know that you can constantly revisit it and improve upon what you have started. Keep up the good work!

Hi Brent,

Thanks for the comment. I agree with you on the fact that the woven material seems slapped on…it doesn’t really flow with the lateral/rest of upper. I may decide to ditch the woven material entirely, as it’s blocky form doesn’t work well with the otherwise rounded design…or maybe I’ll redesign the pattern so it fits a bit better.

Anyways, that’s something I’ll definitely focus on when I develop this design…thanks for the suggestion.

Hey Ben:

Nice sketches, as always. I think Script makes a good point with the woven material; it doesn’t really flow with the rest of your design as of now. Maybe you can still incorporate it into the design, but it isn’t exposed on the exterior of the shoe. For instance, maybe the inner bootie is constructed in a woven fashion in key areas to enhance fit. And maybe you can show that with a cool cross section sketch of the shoe. Just explore some different options with some quick thumbnails, and maybe challenge yourself with a perspective view or two. The checker pattern on the shank already alludes to the woven pattern, in a way. As far as presentation goes, I’m not really feeling the woven background, but that’s just my opinion. Keep up the good work man, I know you will make the best of the feedback you receive.

Phil: Thanks for the comment. The woven inner booty actually something I was thinking of doing… I couldn’t seem to visualize it providing the same breathability as mesh, but like you said, maybe it could be used to provide better fit.

As for the presentation, I think the reason it looks strange is because the hand renderings sort of separate themselves from the page…the woven pattern and renderings don’t really come off as one. I was probably trying to do too much by adding that background, anyways.

Again, thanks for the comment. I’m a bit busy with other designs right now, but I hope I can resume this project soon, or maybe just find some time on the side to finish it since there isn’t a whole lot I plan to change.

New Version:


Hmmm… I dont know, looks like it was put together by some 14 year old!


Oh wait…



Your skill has grown so much its amazing! I dont know what else to really say. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Rich!

By the way, I’m actually 15 now… :smiley: