Nike Hammer Watch

Reebock? no, I have seen Reebok though.
The analogue/digital thing has been done already (ventura watches for instance)

Ok, whatever, but it implies physical connection, don’t you think?

assuming aren’t you.

solid forged stainless top case and buckle, fasteners actually bolt the strap on and are much more durable than standard spring pins you can yank the strap off.

and it is style and design and new construction that will be a hit. afterall it is just a tough watch that tells time… research 85% of the people only want time, date, alarm. that’s it. oh and durability.

…the intitial concpet was conceived by a “designer” in 2d, but the majority of the real design and engineering was done by a highly skilled and educated “engineer”, it’s not bogus styling, there is a lot of real function there, the strap and buckle is all swappable using the bolts, it’s the real deal whether it’s your cup of tea or not. Also, it is HUGE!

i cannot belive how full of shit you people are.

That explains everything, you should let the “designers” do the style jobs…