Nike Hammer Watch


How much hand did you have with the new Hammer watch?

Slick work, whoever it is.


The Nike swoosh needs to be replaced with a DeWalt logo…

0 hand, it was designed by Shane Kohatsu (sorry if I misspeled that Shane) an awesome designer down in our advanced design group. I’m not sure if there was any assistance by Jason Martin, and Phil Frank, who have designed most of the recent men’s time pieces here, but probably.

It’s pretty tight, and in person the scale and weight is real nice… trying to work out a trade for one.

Interesting that they are using a combination flat/Robertson fastener, rather than an Allen or Philips. Perfect for athletes who rely on their high tech equipment, like cycling or jet-skiing.


That yellow, combined with that photo makes it tough to get a read on the form and details. Def. looks a little too ‘power tool, Hummer H2, I’m trying to overcompensate’ type of thing.

reminds me of a lance armstrong live strong band that got tied up in a deraillure. tahta said, it is pretty-

you are kidding that thing looks like a throwback from ze eighties

have a a shit one nike, you are yet to do one nice watch

Thats gonna look sweet with my Sony Sports Walkman and my bulge bearing bike shorts.

Yes. Interesting.
Does it come in mens?

It’s not supposed to be pretty, it’s supposed to be sports equipment. It has to appear tough enough to survive a wipeout on your street luge.

Look a little more carefully… the concave bezel will protect the readout from just about everything except a direct hit. Provided the straps are made of compatible material, the screws will withstand forces much greater than those that can easily snap or bend the typical spring-loaded pins on most watches, including it’s competition, the Timex Triathlon.

Not even close to the eighties. The eighties were about Rolex, BMW and Reaganomics. This is closer to KDDI and Muji. If there’s a nod to watches of yesteryear, it would be to the original Accutron, a square with digital readout.

I’d say Mr. Kohatsu knew exactly what he was doing.

Beesign: I agree that the yellow band is probably a nod to Lance and all that he stands for.


if i walked into muji and saw that watch …i could be certain of only one thing

americans had bought controlling shares in muji

that thing is pre g shock…

muji!.. i am shocked

you are all stupid

Muji style you say?

two peas in a pod.


hey nike

shut your zipper!, your fasteners are showing

why do i have to look at your fasteners?

fasteners are what make that watch what it is. call it what you want, visual humor, throw back styling. misplaced metaphors…etc.


Watch design is completely subjective… every watch company has more than one model.

is this too obvious?

It’s very easy to assign similarity from one object to the next that is one of our traits as humans… to recognise pattern. We also create the presence of pattern when ther may be none there…

Only the logo makes it non-Muji. And they don’t just do CD players… that’s just the only thing they’re famous for here in North America. They do cardboard and all sorts of other re-configured industrial items.

That thing is so neo-Japanese, I could envision a mecha pilot wearing it.


Hexagonal nut to join (aluminum?) with rubber?? ridiculous.
This watch is over the top, I find the screen, including the black frame quite sweet, but that’s it. The pusher is completely out of place, and it looks like it’s going to look silly in a wrist.

Embedded nut. (Or maybe nut-cased.)


True THAT! but what do you think about on the wrist. It looks way better in black. That pusher you are refering to looks like an analogue style crown to adjust the digital time… cool. The other pushers look appropriate enough, esp compared with other sport watches in this price range, have you seen the Reebock line made by Timex? Bad.

don’t judge before you experience it in person. it is an aesthetical stretch for nike but in an industry where everything is expected… pretty cool to come up with something that is controversial and has strong opinions aronud it. it ain’t for everyone. and it ain’t necessarily for the “design” press or crowd. the quality is good on this thing and it IS over-the-top… but that’s better than blending in which is the same as being invisible. and the others in the collection are really interesting as well.

shane is a great young designer. i think it was his first watch. how many here have actually done a watch worth noting? watches can be considered one of the true tests of the flexibility and divesity of a designer. challenging scale and space to work in and differentiate. astro used to give young designers that were a little too confident “the watch project” and the result was almost always the same. crash and burn. they are humbling products. seemingly simple. not only do they have to be cool on the shelf but people have got to want to wear them. they partially define their identity. another barrier to commercial success that many id products do not have to pass. “cool, but would you wear it?” and it is amazing how many designers think they have a good watch idea/design… but that is usually not balanced with what will actually sell or can be made. truth is, i see better, fresher watches on the market from outside or on the fringe of traditional id. people that have a better grip on trend and fashion. why is that?

to sum it up… a sales guy at the g-star store in LA saw it and said “dude, that is the ugliest…uh, coolest watch I have ever seen.” from then i new shane had a success on his belt. that was the target consumer (if you saw this guy) and he was dying for it. action sports, street style consumer.

when i brought back one of g-shock’s first massive watches (the really big ones) to the US from Tokyo in 1993 i got the same reaction from people. “that is so ugly and ridiculous… can i buy it off you?”

i heard it is been extremely well received in the channels and the orders are huge. i guess we’ll see…

The product hasn’t been designed - it’s been styled to resemble a product that’s been designed. Silver plastic bezel and clasp, fasteners as fetish objects - the whole thing’s insincere.