Nike Futuresole Design Competition!

Hey All,

For anyone who is interested in being a footwear designer someday, Nike is providing an excellent opportunity for you to show your skills! The first ever Futuresole design competition is underway, and you can submit up to 3 original designs by April 1st, 2008. Check the site out for more information, or PM me. The prizes are nice, and top Nike designers will be reviewing the entries. This competition is for high school kids only. This is your chance to shine guys!

MD: I’m sure you could sticky this, right?! :wink:


D’Wayne Edwards sparked the idea and was the driving force behind the whole thing! It is going to be a great competition. A lot of thought and energy has gone into to it by many people here… and if you click around you will see sketches from different footwear designers at Nike (some of mine are scattered in…) Dave Rulo, who has been a designer in Soccer, Running, Hoops, and Urban did the logo.

A lot of great work was entered… good work to those of you on here that submitted!

sigh only high school students…

Tonight’s the night for the finalists announcement. Anybody know anything yet?


First post, but Ive been reading this forum for awhile now.

The finalists both deserved it! Good job to both, especially the LBJ sketch.

I entered the contest and must say, Im quite dissapointed with the judging, mostly in terms with some of the semi-finalists.

Im confused with how these “semifinalist”:

Where judged as superior to these:

YO - can you please shed some light?

In terms of original design, proportions, the design objective of the contest, it just blows my mind. This was advertised as being judged by Nike Designers themselves.

Now, as a student who was accepted in DAAP at UC for I/D, Im skeptical if this is the future Nike wants…

Im not trying to come off as cocky or a sore loser, but I cant help but feel dissapointed.


Wowee, definitely some willy-wonka proportions going on in some of those submissions… But before we start bashing their work post up your submission and give us a chance to crit yours :wink:

If you’re looking for redemption check out the “My Chucks” competition that Yo just posted. Look like its right up your alley!

p.s. Those 49er’s Nike Air Max 90 you made are sick

c2customs: in response to your question, just from experience, you never know exactly what judges are exactly looking or thinking about during selecting things for but I do know that they always like to have different submissions and selections.
From your post it looks like you put a lot more time into yours so don’t be too bummed. I’d probably start experimenting with color, dont be afraid to do something crazy, take some risks, something you sometimes have to force yourself to do.
And just for a side note, I was a little confused on a few of those submissions too, so you’re not alone. Keep sketchin

Is this a yearly competition? Cause if it is ooo. I didn’t know about the competition until now otherwise I would’ve submitted these.
Sorry about the bad imagery my scanner’s not big enough for the paper.

C2 – If you filled out all the required information and background info…I have no idea how your entry wasn’t selected as a top12 Finalist!

I also can’t say enough how skilled both Juan and Ben are after seeing firsthand the designs they submitted in the Finals. Truly impressive!