Nike Future Sole 2010 Competion (Open to 14-25 year olds)

This contest is a great experience for all those who enter. Definitely recommend it!

Should be interesting.

I registered, but I still haven’t received any email with a registration number or link to the design entry site. Has anyone else signed up or had this problem?

I signed up and received the email. You might want to double check that you put in the right email or maybe check your spam folder?

Actually, I signed up a while ago, and I think I got an email but at the time they hadn’t announced any specifics and I didn’t get any link to the designs submission site or the confirmation code. Now the email doesn’t come up in a search, so I’m not sure what happened there, and the site says the email’s been registered already so I can’t sign up with it again.

Here’s the interview I just posted up yesterday with D’Wayne Edwards, Jordan Brand Design Director & Future Sole runner:

Anyone entering should check that out. It’s a quick piece with him on what’s in store for this year’s Future Sole comp.

Nice interview John. I chatted with D’Wayne a few nights ago about this years competition. This is such a great opportunity. Get in there and get young guys! And don’t forget to post in process stuff on the boards to get feedback! I want our core77 crew to represent in this!

Thanks. It’s definitely a great opportunity for anyone who meets the requirements to take advantage of. Good luck to all who enter this year!

I just posted up a 5 Questions interview with 2009 Future Sole winner Austin Jermacans (OP!):

Also a solid read for anyone looking to enter this year.

It sounds like steez and yo and a couple others who post here have talked to some people about the contest. One question I had was about the nike category. Although it says its for skateboarding shoes, one of the sample designs doesn’t really look like it’s for skating, so I wondered if a nike basketball or running shoe would be okay. It just seems like there’s a lot less freedom with skateboarding shoes (especially regarding materials and cushioning technology.)

I am offended by the agist requirements.