Nike Future Sole 2....Info?


Just wondering if anyone here knows anything about Nike’s “Annual” Future Sole 2 Contest…

Last year’s sign ups were in January.




Hey! I mentioned over the phone a few weeks ago…FS2 is gonna be on a different timetable as more categories are being involved this time around.

I’d expect a big web push sometime in March/April as the contest begins to take off. I’ll be sure to update you once I know more.

It looks like Sole Collector/Eastbay will be the two main partners for the contest, and I can’t wait to see the talent that enters this time around as the first contest was an incredible success. :smiley:

The new site is live:

Already signed up.

Just waiting for Nike to accept my Parent consent form…

I signed up that night and sent my parent consent form the next day. I haven’t heard back from Nike yet. Austin let me know when you receive confirmation for the Parent Consent form. I’ll try to do the same…I know I’m getting a bit anxious.

Same situation here.

I’ll post here when I get the email.


It took me at least a few weeks to get my confirmation last year, so I wouldn’t worry about it guys.

Good luck with your entries!

I remember the winners from last year, the first place winner had a nice looking sketch, the second place runner had some SERIOUSLY kindergarden type of sketch, i mean it looked like it was colored with crayons and the lines werent too smooth to say the least, hopefully nike doesnt pull something like that this year.