Nike FreeMax Concept

Hi guys. Been working on this shoe this week, got some rought sketch but i’m too lazy to scan them now. It’s a running shoe concept for nike, i named it the Nike FreeMax because i got inspired by the Air Max legacy and the free concept . It’s actually an evolution of the Nike Free concept. I Tried to merge and bring the aggressivity of what used to be an Air Max by designing a foamposite like upper that will provide stability and breathability for better performance. The upper is a mesh that will keep the foot cool while running. The Midsole is a light weight EVA designed with diagonal flex grooves to give The natural motion the foot needs will running. The outsole is made of solide rubber with spikes like traction pattern for better grip.
I usually dont design running shoe so any feedback and critics is appreciated. :slight_smile:

The shoe looks really good. Foamposite material for a running shoe doesn’t seem like it will help performance. Posite shoes are relatively heavy compared to suede/leather/synthetic. Running shoes are normally light weight, and foamposite might sacfrice performance IMO. I love the sole it reminds me of the new Lebron Soldier 2. But I’m glad you finally moved away from a bball shoe. Do you still use a Wacom tablet or did you upgrade to a Cintiq yet.

great sketch. the rendering style is excellent. Your designs are getting more shoe like in that they feel softer and more inviting. They look like something a person would want to put on. You are doing a great job evolving your thinking and advancing your ideas.

I still think your bottom views can get sleeker, more wasted through the arch.

Also, the lateral and outsole swooshes feel a bit dinky or awkwardly placed. Some stitches would really help push this unless it is all no sew, welded together… which means it is synthetic leather and mesh only.

All of those long pieces would have to be seamed in production (a place where the pattern breaks so it can be sewn together)… design those seams into the design. The original presto was a great example, the entire upper was just seams, no extraneous lines or overlays.

real fresh.

that top view is really nice. like yo said, that looks like something i would want to put on. im really liking the large mesh.

i think the only critique i have is maybe how the side white piece is rendered. the glare is almost a bit out of control.

take care,

:slight_smile: Thanks guys for the comments and crits.

Reggie:Thanks bro, Wasup man? I Hope everything is going well in philly.

“Posite shoes are relatively heavy compared to suede/leather/synthetic.”

That’s a good point.The foamposite the shoe use is not really not like actual foamposite, it could be something more light weight, soft and thin designed specially for running shoe. :slight_smile:
I’m still using my 6 x 4 wacom tablet. :confused:

Thanks Yo, i recently started to work on proportion and try to understand the form of different shoe style. I realised that some shoes have fast silhouette, slow etc…and I think proportion can really change a design for better.
The bottom view is definitely one of my weakest point, i still cant get it even though i used a template on that one, i’m usually confuse on where things should go and be placed. The swoosh was a last minute thought :laughing:
I didn’t want the upper to be stitched because i wanted the shoe to look a little bit advanced, I will add some stitches and see how it looks like.

Hey David, You really did a good job on this month KG, you have to show me some of your tricks man :wink:

Nice sketches, and great feedback.

The swooshes are indeed a bit awkward. The bottom doesn’t communicate the same design cues as what I’m seeing in the lateral view.

Nice wrk. It would be great to see some energetic dev. sketches too.

Not bad. I have to admit, I was hoping to see a hybrid outsole of the air max 360 and free tech when I clicked on this.

SpaceCadet: Thanks, im still in the stage where designing outsoles can be very hard . :slight_smile: I will definitely post the sketches this coming weekend.

Tony: “I have to admit, I was hoping to see a hybrid outsole of the air max 360 and free tech when I clicked on this.”:lol:

That would have been sweet, I will try to design one with this idea in mind. :wink:

^ I agree! Can’t wait to see it!