Nike FR - Jordan XX2 inspired shoe

Hello , my friends ! Here is kind of fast work for KG Jordan 22 contest … At least wanted to be Jordan 22 , but it ends feeting some other category of shoes . Really would like to hear your comments about it ! Really hope to have some time soon to make something really speaking Jordan 22 , just love the inspiration of it , kind of really free to make something new … Anyway , hope to hear your oppinion about it ! Ole !

Ventsislav Nikolov

And these here are Wade sketches I came up with for KG this month .It was all about messing around with the original Converse sneacker toe box, trying to see it in a different view. All comments are well expected . Ole !


Thanks for posting this,

Some interesting stuff_ great thumbnail sketches, and your final rendering is clear and communicative.

I think the wade stuff is more modern overall. I’d like to see some visual thinking around function. It looks like you have some thoughts, but they are not really explained. I especially like the sketch in the top row, second from the left, with an open heel.

The free trainer has the inverse going on: functionally, but the aesthetic seems a bit dated, especially the heel… I really like how you have that pattern piece coming off the outrigger and wrapping around the heel. I’m not sure if that is a molded component or leather…