nike football boot production vid


This is the elite athlete factory in Montebelluna where they only really make boots for endorsed players. These guys are seriously good boot makers

Very cool video. Its amazing to watch that type of shoe put together. I’m used to seeing that kind of craftsmanship in leather dress shoes/boots, etc. Amazing.

all i can say.

too bad the ones any of us would buy aren’t made/ handled with that same amount of time/care.

great video. thanks for posting that R.

Awesome video.

actually, to be honest, there isn’t really much difference in anything I can see from mass-production boots/footwear to anything shown in the video. The only thing perhaps is that the materials are not handcut, but are cut using cutting dies.

It really is amazing though (as you can see) how much footwear production is done “by hand”. It really is done that way even on large scale production. No robots or anything of the sort :wink:

I actually have over 3 hours of video of the entire production process that I’ve always been meaning to put together into a video of this sort, perhaps even in a longer format. I took the video 3 years ago and at one point actually started the editing, but it became unwieldy pretty quickly dealing with over 10Gb of video so I abandoned the project …maybe some day!

If you are interested in the process, I do have a pretty detailed overview of football production here-

also a short vid of rubber production -


nice video,

I thought the assembly system for soccer boots was the upper stitched to the insole (strober system in Spain), obviously is not.

I like how they stick the sole,how they add the plastic adhesive using a band of something (plaster?) as edge template.

thanks for sharing Ritchard.

No, (cleated) football boots are not strobel stitched. If they were, the stitching around the edge of the upper and lasting board would be visible as there is no sidewall on a football boot outsole. As well, strobel stitching normally uses a textile lasting board, which doesn’t provide the stiffness desired for a football boot.

Almost all football boots are board lasted and in higher end boots the toe area is often injected with a type of cement during the toe lasting operation. The only exception I can think of are boots like the last generation Nike Vapor, Adidas Predator (not sure about the new one) where it was (at least in part from what I can remember) California lasted, meaning the upper wraps fully around the bottom of the last and is stitched in the middle. It was done that was as the Vapor (and some other shoes as well) has no sole plate in the waist area.

The thing i think you are seeing in the Nike vid of the outsole assembly is actually a piece of masking tape used to mask off the upper to avoid getting cement on it. I haven’t really seen this before, so not entirely sure why they do it that way. Normally they just draw a line with a silver pen on the supper where the outsole will be (as you can also see in the vid), then apply the cement carefully in that area. I’m guessing it might have something to do with the upper material being more sensitive to the cement or something…


thanks again.

Yep, those use California Construction. I believe it is slightly modified, not a strict center seam, but one that followed a more anatomical path. Really cool looking. Air Max 03 was similar. Thanks for posting the vid R.

[too bad the ones any of us would buy aren’t made/ handled with that same amount of time/care]

Actually I see your thinking but it is not true, the outsole used is exactly the same as are all the upper materials.

The only real variation is in fit…I can’t go into details of how for obvious reasons but you should rest assured on that.

On the quality side which you specifically talk about, many of the mass roll out boots are made in Italy in a factory associated with the one in the video. It just a scale up version but kit and expertise is the same and qc control is so tight that they should not differ in quality.

If you want the same treatment as the pros you can check out the Nike Boot Room in London

i guess i was referring to the fact that that ‘factory’ appeared to have maybe 3 guys in there and made it appear as if they did one shoe beginning to end by the same person. which i think maybe its just psychological but to me that speaks to quality more than a china-type factory with people right next to each other passing them along to the next person, with multiple lines going at once next to each other.

and im confused, are some of you saying that the commercial versions of these shoes are not made in asia somewhere??