NIKE Flywire Lance 5 S.L.

Here is what I envision as the Lance 5 cycling shoe incorporating NIKE’S new Flywire technology. This would be the lightest cycling shoe in the world. I developed two different versions. The rendering is of the SuperLight version and some of my other sketches have versions with a standard rachet buckle which would be the other slightly heavier version.

All comments welcome, thanks for looking.

Nice to see the sketches behind the idea. Here is one suggestion I have for you (and anyone else who is inspired by the new FlyWire technology and is using it in their designs) >> try to think up new patterns for the FlyWire instead of using the criss-cross pattern already used on existing Nike product. Push the envelope a bit, think outside-the-box. How can we take this new filament technology and push it further, make its use better? It will make the concept a lot more refreshing and interesting, IMO. Nice improvements on your work though- keep it up.

ppadilla-I am working on one idea for a different use of Flywire. I am not sure how practical it is, or if it would work in the real world it is but it was just a thought. Stay tuned…

Never use laces on a high end cycling shoe. Ever.

Come up with a lighter buckle/velcro system instead. (carbon fiber?) The sole would be carbon, too, correct?

Also I’ve always found Nike’s cycling shoes to be a bit of a joke. They’re very uncomfortable unless you have very thin flat feet.

Sidi’s designs are much better on your feet, and this 6.6 is very light and stiff.

Nurb-I PUT eyelets in my cycling shoe because I think velcro sucks (looses its grip after awhile) and they work great!!! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. You can get the laces tighter than you think. Maybe more so than a buckle… Yes the sole is carbon. I have never used any other brand other than Nike and I do have thin flat feet. :slight_smile: Sidi’s are cool but I don’t like that the buckle is attached to the upper of the shoe, and they are so heavy. Unlike the Lance the whole heel cup is attached to the buckle so it pulls the bottom of the shoe up to your foot, much better in my opinion. Their carbon soles always look a little odd to me, doesn’t even look like carbon on some of the Sidi’s.

a lot of sidi’s aren’t carbon. Most are “plastic” soles.

But the Lorica upper, the heel cup being round instead of square… magnificent.

I still say laces are a bad idea. By the time velcro wears out (which on sidi’s seems like an eternity) its usually time to replace the shoe anyway. I sell both Nike and Sidi (along with Pearl and Lake) and I just sold a pair of the Dragon SRS shoes (from the ATB line up) to a guy who’d been riding the same pair of sidis for 10 years. He replaced the buckles a few times after they broke, and the velcro still worked fine. He finally broke the sole in one shoe, otherwise he’d still be on them.

Ask a racer or a hard core rider (150mi+/wk) about velcro, laces and the buckle.

Then ask a medium distance rider (50-149Mi/wk) about velcro, laces and the buckle.

Then ask an entry level rider (>50Mi/wk) about velcro, laces and the buckle.

you’ll be surprised by the answer…laces lose on all counts simply because velcro is inexpensive, easier to tighten and secure. Buckles don’t slip.

I think you do have a really good direction for a more casual or commuter shoe, but not in a high end race shoe. Race cleats tend to be super rigid to the point of preventing any foot flex or play for optimum power transfer. Commuter or low(er) ended shoes often have a need to be walked in so they need to be flexible both in adjustment of the upper and walkable, yet rigid enough to be efficient

I have a pair of old school Sidi’s, that are full grain leather with a wood lasting board (!) and laced with 15 eyelets to the toe that I use when I ride casually (with toe straps or flat pedals). I find that while my feet are secure against the footbed, I do have a lot of play in the upper. They are rigid enough to ride in but flexible enough to walk in. But then again I am the type of rider who can identify specifically what my needs and requirements are for serious ride versus casual ride bike shoes.

speaking of the carbon fiber, I would love to see these with straps and buckles:

A photo of these must be posted! Those rank right up there with old Cinelli leather helmets.

Supernaut - those too would be hot if converted in to a cycling shoe! I went with the laces because that would be the lightest way to attach the shoe to your foot. As I stated in my first post I designed a buckle version too for those who prefer that, although they would be heavier. I am a medium/hard core rider according to your scale and I currently ride in the Poggio SL Limited Edition shoes as you can see from 2nd pic. I love them and modified them with eyelets because I felt the velcro didn’t hold my foot well enough. Eventually I plan on unstitching the velcro and adding a few more eyelets for lighter weight and better aero. I liked them so much I bought 2 pair so I thought I would tinker with one pair and see how a full lace shoe would work. Please post a pic of your old Sidi’s!!

Well there are exceptions to commonly accepted “rules”…nice job modding the cleats.

I cannot deny the buckle would be heavier, just wondering if its weight would be that much more noticeable. Especially for the added rigidity and security it provides across the top of the instep.

A photo of these must be posted! Those rank right up there with old Cinelli leather helmets.

Ha! I know a guy locally who has an EVA foam helmet based on the old Cinelli Helmet. He got it in Germany and its actual value as head protection is slim to none

So the shoes are old school in the sense that they were made from an original pattern for the kooks at Rivendell to distribute for the Randonneur cult to match their rides (because we all know that cotter pins, wool and any component made after 1980 with the exception of Nitto is not worth what they want you to pay for it…). They are pretty sweet looking I must say…and luckily for you both I rode in on em today.

I knew Rivendell had to be part of the creation of those in some way…

Very jealous over here.

Those are pretty sweet!!!

Any one happen to know any info on Lance’s new shoe that he wore in his first race yesterday? I am not sure if it is the same shoe he wore to train in and they put a swoosh on it, or if it is a new one… Interesting that he is wearing a shoe with out a buckle but I guess you have to save weight every where you can.

YO- I know you are at the big “C” now but I wonder if you have any insight?

For those of us whose rides tend to be longer or include any precipitation, the advantages of the ratchet are twofold:

  • Security (over Velcro): the mid-foot and forefoot Velcro isn’t under much stress, which is why it lasts so long.
  • On-bike adjustability: as your feet swell, it’s nice to be able to let a notch off without stopping; when it rains, it’s nice to be able to snug things up when the shoe stretches

While laces (in theory) still provide a better fit, it isn’t as tuneable- and of course you have to manage the loops/ends, which is hard to do cleanly and without extra flaps. That said, I got a massive woody when I came across DMT’s Kyoma Pistas at my local shop, on sale. Good thing they weren’t my size…