Nike eyes

Nike has come out with contacts now. Im sure this isnt breaking news but I am just amazed with nike. from sneakers to contacts they definitely push themselves to the max. I guess its just a matter of time before you start to see designer contacts.

i am waiting to see athletes with a white swoosh in thier pupil. I can see it already in commercials. that would actaully be pretty sweet.

Pretty soon you will see rappers with caddy symbols in their eyes. i need to patent that.

I saw a friend of mine with a pair the other day. They are pretty cool. Since they are tinted, they make your pupil and iris look black, as if your eyes are super dilated…

athletes wearing these will be grabbed for drug testing because of the dilation. I saw someone wearing some and the looked freaky… in a cool way.

dialated pupils are also a sexual arousal que.

I want some nike condoms… to improve my performance

i need to get my wife some nike broom stick and vacuum

my grandmother needs nike diapers

I have inside info that the nike Manpon is almost complete. Perfect for all physical activities.

I want the contacts that shoot laser beams out of your eyes, that would be kinda awesome

nike should make reebok contacts

nike should rename itself knike

Here’s a sweet image of the Lens on Landon Donovan (I think).