Nike eyeD - 2014 Device Singularity project

At the suggestion of some others I have posted a project in the Finished Project Section that Stefan Andren and i did for WIRED magazine in May. Hopefully this is useful and an example of how you can use this board for educational purposes.

Take care-

I will try to do this again in the future with other projects if users think it is helpful.

I’d like to thank you and this “YO” character for being active participants on the board. I know this project and other work that has been posted by NIKE designers are a big help to me and I imagine the rest of the junior level designers who visit the site. Please put as much work up as you can (same goes for any other pros). The more students and rookie designers know about various product development processes the higher signal to noise ratio you’ll get from future applicants for higher level positions.

Thanks again and great work


Cool- Thanks for letting us know Joe, you’r quite the character yourself. Seriously though, it’s good to know it is useful.

I myself am hoping that Scott posts more stuff, as his work pretty much rocks. He is very thoughtful about the product in a 360 degree way.

It’s a small world Scott–Floris Kaiser and myself put something very similar together for the Timex 150 contest back in May when I was still at Motorola CXD. It never got off the ground because I was relocating cross-country, but I’ll dig up the aesthetic concepts for the cortical implant patch and post it. I think the hard-drive is still in a moving box in my garage.

Timex still haven’t announced the winners, so I’m curious as to what they think about products 150 years out vs. the Wired concepts at 10 years.

Here’s our idea:

It’s a shame how the Wired thing went down–I don’t think you were the only one misrepresented. In the end editors go with what they know: a laundry list of features and a lack of context.Here’s the link for those interested in checking the crappy coverage.

PS, that video is phenomenal!

always nice to see work. just wonder how much more would be posted if core had remained registered-only.

Hey Scott are you the link that brought TRS-80 to Nike? I always thought they were a relatively unknown (but badass) Chicago electronic group, so I was curious how they got in with the ad group there.