Nike dunk Painting.

Hello I hope i am not upsetting anyone posting this here, but a friend who has used this site for years, said people may appreciate it here. So here goes… I recently finished this painting, 8ft x 4ft canvas, 228 dunk high in legit colorways, handpainted in acrylic. I’d be interested in any comments. Thanks for your time. si


Save me a poster, it’s so badass!!

NO!!! Thank you for your time…did you make a template to do it or did everything by hand?

I did initially have a stencil or two, but by the end could’ve probably painted the shoe with my eyes closed!!! thanks. si

how much you want for it?
or how quickly can you make another one?

Funny how you can miss some things on here. Pretty amazing painting.

Do you have plans to make a print?

Hello, thanks for the comment…the last picture is of a poster I produced of the painting for a sneaker store in LA…I have a few left if you wanted to acquire one? I haven’t really considered making a super high quality print to be honest. Regards. Si

mudman890…I have had many offers trying to buy the original from me…I am open to the idea of selling it, for the right price…feel free to make an offer…
as regards producing another one…this one took me, on an off 18 months to do…i would do another, but something different maybe Lows or AM1’s or Jordan or something. And possibly a different size, smaller/bigger!!! not sure. Thanks for your comment. Regards. Si