Nike Cycling

So Nike Cycling sponsors professional athletes, and you can see the swoosh on the team kit. I however have been unable to find any of the current Nike Cycling stuff for sale, what’s the deal?

Pretty sure they don’t have anyone to sell it. Nike used to be sold through Trek, but Trek decided to make their own clothing. I’ve never been super impressed by the quality of any of it. I just liked getting it at extreme closeout prices at the end of each season.

Me too. I just am surprised they just don’t have a web site to sell extra junk. I have a 10//2 riding jacket that I got in Bozemen, MT for a song. I like it a lot but it sucks for rain. I know a guy who has some of the nike bike shoes and he loves them. I want Sidi’s but if I could get Nike for next to nothing I’d do it.

Nike never fit me. They were always way too narrow. I’m a Sidi Mega guy, and I’m never changing.