Nike Considered

Hi guys…
I’m a line builder but for dress/casual shoes. Athletics isn’t exactly my department but I know that a lot of you are so I thought maybe you could offer some guidance. I’m looking for a pair of shoes by Nike called ‘Considered’ in size 10.5. Can’t seem to find them online and saw them in a store nearby today but didn’t have the correct size. Any idea of where I can get these?

Much Thanks! :laughing:

scroll down for dif models and sizes:

i have the lows

awesome shoes. very very comfortable. they stopped making them???

I should have specified that I’m looking for Men’s size 10.5.


You did… I just found that through google BTW…

the previous link you gave me was for womens’. I’m having a hard time finding the mens.

Yo, that site’s crazy! Love those Air max 360 variants they, (Nike) did with all the old Air Max styles. I wonder if I can find a pair of Spiridon’s. Best running shoe I ever wore.