NIKE "Clubbing" Dress Shoe Concept

This is my first shot at designing a shoe, I would appreciate any shoe designers that can give some feedback.

This is a men’s dress shoe that targets 18 to 45y/os whom want the edge on the dance floor

Sorry for the url, I cant get the image to load off my machine.


Is it for the bling or for dancing? What kind of fashion do you intend to go with it?

If nike where to do a club shoe, it would have to be for pretty serious dancing (see these BTW: )

First thing( always the first thing) PROPORTIONS! It looks like there are some interesting ideas, but the proportions are so off they are hard to read.

nice rendering! the proportions do seem a bit off though…On a side note, much thanks for the link i love rihanna! that is my future wife, she just doesn’t know it yet…

J-bro man… whats ciara gonna say when she finds out? jking yea the video is nice an surprising I didnt expect this from nike. I think what they are doing for women now is a great movement.

-dress shoe- I would work on the proportions and also thinking maybe about the lifestyle of a dancer or someone who uses dance as there methods of exercise. But I personally saw your shoe as the casual dress catigory and less in active/sport dress. So I think determining what the shoe will be used for will help you with taking this to the next level. along with looking at last shapes. I think esp. with dress/ casual footwear where you have many varied last shapes you could start looking at different toe shapes an even go into your local aldo or macys and try on some varied dress shoes and see what feels right and what you think would work well.


hahaha!!! she still has got to get in line with eveyone else…

i do wonder what it is about the shoe makes it a “dance” shoe rather than being a hip modern casual shoe?

i like the rendering alot and the colours too.

along with the proportions being a bit off i think that transparent piece over the toes would seriously hurt…what would that be made off?

on the view of the instep what is that dark elipse on the heel area?

I don’t know the specs on those shoes but from being a dj and seeing how my club dancers get down, you def need different considerations than a reg casual shoe. My dancers would come to the club with a change of clothes! They sprinkle baby powder on the floor so it stays a little bit slippery so they can spin, etc if the floor isn’t good for dancing. Nothing worse then twisting an ankle trying to bust a move wearing some super grippy acg shoes.
I would imagine these shoes wouldn’t be as supportive as casual athletic shoes, you want to be able to roll your foot over and have your foot not grip the ground well sometimes. I’d imagine the uppers would want to be ultra flexible and breathable. I’ve spun at 24 hr raves and there are people their that will dance hard for 6hrs straight(drug-free).

as has been stated not a bad concept,
the proportions are off,
especially the bottom outsole pic needs some work
(dancing doesn’t happen in 2 dimensions alone, contact is not always flat to floor)

if you have been to an IDSA midwest conference in the last 3 or 4 years you may have seen me spinning on my head or some such junk, so I dance …A LOT, maybe not your target “clubber” but I can offer my feedback as a dancer - when I buy a pair of shoes, I almost always consider if I will be able to dance in them (you never know when you’re gonna find a party)

these shoes look like they offer little to no support or protection, a lot of people I know have moved to dancing in Diesels and newer light weight Pumas and the like (mostly for fashion) But most of the people I know would never go with something that light weight…not enough structure, support, protection.

That glossy toe strap is gonna get scuffed REAL bad the first time
it touches the floor or someone else steps on it.

The neoprene(?) material in the inner foot will looks like it wouldn’t provide adequate support for the amount of lateral movement and twisting involved in most dancing
-ie the Nike Prestos may be a good shoe for light running etc, but in my experience don’t provide any real support for non-linear movement

think about the support etc. of a basketball shoe
consider multiple contact point (not necesarrily all on the bottom of the sole - sides (like ollie pads on skate shoes) - even top of the toe)


Thanks for all the input, this is the first time Ive posted work for feedback, its great!!

To clarify, this essence of this concept was showing nike’s version of dress.

This shoe would be targeted to loyal nike costumers who do not want to switch brands after the gym when they are hitting the strip.

Starting the project I was less interested in the dancing function, but it was one way to nicely link the product to the nike brand, but as far as construction and materials, its mainly aesthetic.

The materials are justified only on the fact that the sportier materials are in the interior on the shoe, less visible, and the more formal materials lie on the exterior sides, more visible. The transparent strip was only to get the look of patent leather with out actually using it. maybe this is just bullshat?

I really get the feeling the the proportions suck along with the sole, I have got to agree, it kinda looks like some “club_foot_” shoe instead of a “clubb_ing_” shoe.

I started this project tuesday and finished last night, I think I might take another stab at it, maybe including a deeper ideation and research phase.

Thanks again for all the great comments, the shoe thing is kinda fun, its nice designing things that people are so passionate

That’s why Nike owns Cole Haan. If you look at G Series, you’ll se a lot of Nike inspired lines, abstracted for fashion.

In general, Nikes have some kind of performance consideration or are influenced by the culture around sport. The dance link I posted has shoes that are anatomically designed for dancing. Arch flexibility (vs support) Traction designed for both toe and heel pivots, etc. If it is to be Nike branded I would look into finding inspiration within the performance considerations at the club. You can then apply a dress shoe style “veneer” overtop.

It is fun to design objects people are so passionate about. The other cool thing is that people actually use them (for the most part!) even though they love them, unlike MOMA type objects that just look pretty.

Thanks for posting the project! It’s a cool direction, you just gotta catch the right wave with this type of thing.

THAT my friends is how we should all handle criticism and feedback

-keep us updated on your progress!

My sentiments exactly. Look for the good, not defensive about the neg. See what you can get from the crit to improve. This person’s mind is in the right place.

That’s one awsome corfolio man! :smiley:

I think the inside of the shoe (inside of exterior) is beautiful, and the colors as stated above, AWSOME!! The outside, IMO, is missing a little something. Keep going on it, it’s a great concept.

Great chair too!! :open_mouth:

the chair page is pure fire. Great furniture sketches.

umm yeah,
I’ve seen your folio on here before,
nice stuff for sure!
keep it up

maybe you can give me some criticism if I ever get anything posted on here

Thanks for all the generous comments!

In general, Nikes have some kind of performance consideration or are influenced by the culture around sport.

Yo, I think I totally missed this on the first round. Instead of designing a nike dress shoe, I designed a dress shoe that was then branded nike. Thanks for pointing this out.

copy, thanks for the corfolio praise, there are a lot of talented peeps in my class, Im just trying to keep up.

Hopefully Ill get some time to work a second iteration this weekend, I will defiantly post the results and maybe some process.