nike cerberus

here is an early preview of my kicksguide submission. The theme of the month is Nash, Stoudemire, and Marion, the 3 players helping Phoenix dominate the NBA. My shoe is called cerberus.

there will also be a low version for Nash. This is still a work in progress so i look forward to your critiques. I will post more when i get home from work.


Second pic doesn’t work…from the early preview I can tell you they look good, but the way the lines are at slightly different angles is annoying me. For instance the orange line is at a slightly steeper angle than the heel plate. The same thing applies to other parts of the shoe. If you fixed that up I think it could really help the shoe.

Good work!

hey thanks for the feed back, 300 views before anyone commented i was starting to wonder if anyone would say anything. Ill repost the image in a different format, let me know if you can see it.

the lines are at different angles intentionally, when they where parallel I felt like the show didnt look as dynamic and seemed slower

Very nice presentation…the main rendering is great.

That makes sense with the lines, although i still think since they’re so angular it looks kind of strange at the forefoot. Good work though…could you explain the heel cushioning? Looks interesting…