Nike Air Zoom Genius (KG freestyle entry)

The Nike Air Zoom Genius is the combination of lightweight comfort, responsiveness and lateral support. Durable and rich synthetic leather upper. Zoom Airâ„¢ in the heel and forefoot. TPU plate in the heel gives heel lockdown.

I realy want to know what you think about it…

just on a rendering stand ponit, it looks really flat. try improving on your shading. the heel area is especially flat to me.

Your shape and lines look pretty good from what I can see but that’s the problem. I can’t tell what’s going on in the upper portion of the shoe from the toe to the tongue. Work on making this less 2-D and more 3-D. Don’t use black right off, start with an 80% for black and then work your way up or else use some white/gray to pull out some detail.

I think your lines and styling are working just work on your execution.

Nice overall proportions.

The venty thing doesn’t seem to connect, I think it flow from the other forms, right now it looks tacked on. A little kick up in the outsole would help it transition better.

There’s graphics on the heel but no laces or clear upper design? I’m not sure how a TPU plate give lockdown?

Why does everyone do alpha dots on everything?

Its a pretty good rendering. I agree though, it is a little flat and its hard to see the upper. I had to look at my monitor from a different angle to really see the upper. But I like your use of different textures.

As for the alpha dots Yo, you know those dots are so cool. Just joking, but I once went alpha dots crazy.