Nick Cannon Joins RadioShack As Chief Creative Officer

Don’t forget the new iPhone cases that Kim Kardashian “Designed”.
She is very proud of her “Design” work on them…

OMG. that’s funny.

Sadly, I think you may be on to something. And if the company has an actual Creative Director, I wonder how that make him or her feel.

I happen to be wandering through my own wonder at the moment.

Agreed - it seems Radio Shack’s biggest problem is that their last Board insisted on retaining a brick and mortar presence - the maker community isn’t shopping on the sidewalks - they’re online - they’re buying raw materials and printers online, investigating and perusing online, build-ordering online and having their creations shipped to them. Alternatively, they’re finding 3D printers in their local community colleges, universities and libraries…centers that charge next to nothing to let them print their creations.

I think Radio Shack has a similar problem to GM and Ford pre-2008: over capacity. People aren’t going to buy radios and TVs in small stores in malls anymore. They are buying in big box stores or online. So shut down many of their stores. The rest, I would re-brand as Maker Stores like Yo suggests. That’s a trend and the days of Radio Shack carrying resistors is not completely forgotten. Double up with a strong online presence (need it now, go the store, need it tomorrow, buy online) and you have a real strategy for the next 20 years.