Nice Modern Home & Office Furniture Designs!

Hello All!

Any ideas or comments on this line of furniture?


i have the same stuff in my garage. it says “snap on” on the front.

Do you mean you have the MDF stuff?

What do you think about it? Which item(s) do you own?

There’s a phone number and email listed. I bet they’d love to tell you how incredibly expensive it is and where to get them.

Kind of reminds me of some older steelcase stuff…

Marco, this is your company, surely you know how much the stuff costs?

said Marco Leung, chief business partner of Cortex Design in China.

I’m really sorry to tell you that your assumption is incorrect, Scott Bennett, believe it or not…

Just a coincidence that your name is Marco too? And you’re a Chinese furniture manufacturer? And you are breathlessly promoting and very knowledgeable about the construction methods of this otherwise unremarkable product? Just a bunch of coincidences. Well, clearly my assumption is incorrect, and you have my apology.

Phone Golf

Post subject: My e-mail address.

Mine is >

我是中国人!And I’m a Chinese Furniture Manufacturer.

Never mind. Thank you!

Excellent work flushing out the imposter, Mr. Bennett

OH MY GOD… :neutral_face:

Macro, can you let me know your factory’s webstie?

Let me know which city you are from, and what are you specializing in?

Hopes below website can bring a full image on what we are.

Hi! Thanks for the site. I should have seen your furniture somewhere in China.

Thanks Sameulqin for that link. Yeh, It’s a wonderful resource of office furnitures . I simple love them. The furnitures looks really professional , even the looks are attractive . Kudos to those great Chinese architects who designed them.