Nice Logo

Many of you probably know that these guys sponsor design competitions and that the founder, Cameron Sinclair, is an ID lover. Anyway, I think that they did a great job with their new logo. I also think it was a result of a competition. I think it is cool that they rolled it out on their website and business papers. (Sorry if this is all common knowledge) .

Yeah it was result of a competition. I submitted a Logo but it’s funny because I got stuck on this idea of the crane when their projects are mostly built with very few people. It was one of my first logo attempts and I got a bit metaphorical.

I think that I have fallen into the same type of trap. It makes you appreciate how difficult it is to do a really good logo - takes a lot of talent and thought.

Didn’t Yo do this logo? I seem to remember something about that…

yup, just checked, it’s on his portfolio page. Credit due where it is due. Good job, MD!


Thanks. Kept it super simple. I works well for their various signage and print needs.