Nice little details

It’s rare that my mind gets completely blown. As I was sitting in traffic, I noticed something wrong with the BMW X5 next to me. There is no bumper part line on the front fender! I don’t know if the front fenders are plastic, but BMW did an awesome job of cleaning up the part lines on this:

Obviously you are absolutely right! I am stunned, that I didn’t realise that in years
trotting in and out of BMW dealerships.


I tip my hat to your eye for detail.

yours mo-i

Ditto. I see X5’s every day on my way to work and never noticed. Now I can’t stop looking. Amazing.

Nice spot 914. I never noticed either. If that crisp line was removed at the bumper peak you would notice more easily. Their design language got int he way!

very nice. But my cynical side is imagining a $7,000 repair for a 3mph bump on that front corner

That is an easy detail to miss, especially when you’re not looking for it.

One of my favorite details that was often overlooked, is in the Audi Q7 headlamp (2009).

What looks like a solid piece of chrome in the daylight, is actually a series of narrowly spaced sections with very small gaps, allowing the headlights project through them.

However, I think they may have already changed this in newer models.