Nice Designs!

Hey guys! See these pieces at this site.

Aren’t they nice and cool?

Anybody who knows about the pricing and how to buy?

Anybody has been using these items? :wink:

Any comments on this line of furniture?


Hello! What does your ‘no’ refer to?

No comments to these items? Or what?

hmm… :neutral_face:

I got one comment: it really sucks.

Would you please let me know what makes you feel like this? Thank you.


It’s not that the product(s), as dkorr puts it, “really sucks”. In my opinion, it is that there is nothing extraordinary about them.

Anybody who knows about the pricing and how to buy?

I suggest that you call them.


I think strong practicality and a little aesthetics would be ideal for any products.

chill… I’m just messin with you. The products are fine I suppose. BTW it seems like you’re doing a plug for the site/product for a friend (or yourself) rather than really asking for prices.

There really is nothing new or special looking about them that I can see. There is nothing wrong with them at all, I just feel like I’ve seen them a thousand times before.

Oh, and BTW you definitely come across as if these are you have some connection to these products and you are plugging the site/product.


I spent some time on Google searching for “Garage Furniture” because that is what the Cortex product line reminds me of … toolboxes, and industrial production line furniture. I found several products that are of the same genre; two of them are below.

Ref: Cortex-Design

Ref: Coleman (O’Sullivan) “Tuff Duty”

Ref: Sauder “Hot Rod” Garage storage

Nothing remarkable in my mind, just good, utilitarian, storage.

But then I found a product by farm|cp, a Chicago design firm. With a cleaner, more contemporary look, the UltiMATE line is their first offering. I find their systematic approach to be a “value added” feature, and in my opinion, an extra ordinary product that would look good in the home, medical office, retail environment, or garage.


Ref: farm|cp

As a side note; from a marketing presentation point of view, I would say that their understanding of what makes a product attractive is superior as well. See the scale models on the website.

What I find most interesting is that both of these groups of design consultants (Cortex and farm|cp) have parlayed their creativity and technical skills into a proprietary product line; something most of us dream of attaining.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with farm|cp whatsoever.