Nice casters

I’m looking for some nice looking casters for a consumer product. I know Tente has great ones, but they each cost more than my product is going to cost! Does anyone had any good sources?

Not as pretty as Tente, but I believe these came in at $4.50US/each at 2K order quantities.

I don’t know much about quality but our NeoCon booth is near the Mockett company every year and although their website and booth design is lacking, some of their casters are interesting!

I’ve been browsing through Mockett catalogs since the mid 90s … I’m old enough to remember when he would send catalogs once a quarter with pictures of Doug Mocket himself and his little private prop plane flying product around…

I will say, last NeoCon they gave away portable phone chargers, so I’m a fan now…

Blickle is a good supplier as well but prices will be in the higher segment.

Carpin has a fairly wide selection of casters (hooded and non-hooded, locking, etc.) as well as glides and caster sockets.

Leggett and Platt office furniture group has a division that has casters as well as bases, arms, and other seating/furniture components.

7th floor at Neocon will have lots of imports. Just make sure they’re BIFMA rated. Mockett is on 7th floor as well, I think.