next piece of furniture

Took a little break for some other projects around the house. but have now started to build the next piece of the bedroom furniture.

Working on a full size (70") mirror still using reclaimed oak barn wood.

Very cool, where’d you get the wood? At a place that sells reclaimed materials or straight from the barn itself?

Nice, are you keeping it raw or stain/varnishing it?

I found a company not too far from me that collects the wood, from barns so that is much easier for me.

for this bedroom set i am simply applying some Tung Oil to pull out the grain.

That’s awesome. There’s a similar place here in Chicago that I’ve been meaning to check out. I should get over there soon:

All completed with the mirror, as always there are a few thins i would do different, but i learned a lot which will be applied to the next piece.

Nice! You must be scoring the serious husband points with these projects!

the mirror was a big score, as long as i replace it soon i stole it from the bathroom wall :laughing:

This is always how I feel after finishing a woodworking project too. It’s good though, if there’s something you want to do differently next time you know you’re learning something! Just wanted to say really nice job on your mirror, I also really like how your door came out too. Keep it up!

Thank you i appreciate the response.

Looks great