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I got very interesting email, and so I thought of sharing it with everyone here. It is CPU integrated with keyboard. Who is the manufacturer, I dont know about that, guess it should be chinese outcome. Beware apple, Dell. :laughing:

Looks like the Commodore 64 grew up.

phew, it’s got a lot of ports, that is for sure!

I think it is a nice idea though, it makes sense as an option.

Shipping soon, ASUS EeeKeyboard finally shipping at the end of April | Engadget

Hell yes, cant wait to see some thorough reviews on that one!

This is an interesting idea but what you don’t see is the mess of wires that would be coming out the back of the keyboard and making your desk space a mess of wires. I think it makes much more sense to have everything in the monitor since it sits back on your desk anyway and you can have a wireless keyboard mouse. Its much more pleasing to the eye.

I’m in agreement there, in the monitor makes sense, or just in a super small box a la the mac mini… but I’m glad this option will exist, it might have some good applications. Realistically, you would just have a power and monitor cable it it has wireless and a wireless mouse.

I think it’s a glimpse at the future. Look around you, there are screens popping up everywhere. The future laptop won’t need a screen, it’ll just access screens around you (wirelessly). Saves cost, weight and negates the screen-size debate. Much cooler too.

Public places (like public transport, Starbucks, etc) will willingly provide screens (that run ads when dormant) while people get broadband access. When away from a screen you can always just use your phone screen.

Of course you won’t be transporting a big harddrive either, the software and storage will all be accessed online, you just need an interface device.

The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades. (thank you Pat McDonald).


got older and uglier at least, not sure about grew up… :slight_smile:

I’m sure that there’s a market for both those keyboards, especially the Eee, but they’re both missed opportunities, classic ‘horses that could run faster’ trapped in a 30 year old paradigm :
If it’s portable, why not have a way to make the keyboard smaller or fold?
In fact, it’s 2010 and there are better alternatives to 102 identical qwerty keys laid out in an unergonomic mono grid pattern where you go to press delete and turn the thing off instead by accident.

This is an interesting idea but it seems like a step backwards for me. Laptop screens take up very little space, and you can take them anywhere. Carrying around a computer and having to be near a screen seems unpractical. So what if starbucks has 20 screens and there are 21 prople? Not to mention the amount of space those screens will take up.

Keep in mind the big innovation on that Eee Keyboard is the fact that it uses wireless HDMI to connect to your TV, and has it’s own built in battery.

That means you don’t need any wires, just an antenna sticking out of the back to connect it to your TV or PC monitor.

EEE style computers with pico-projectors. I hope we get there soon!

That is interesting.

I think it is going to go even smaller, with all of the processing power going to a smart phone that will wirelessly communicate with a display, or a keyboard, or a server. All the components can be borrowed, all you will need is your personal phone to connect it all together.

Definitely has a retro-Amiga feel to it.

+1 on fear of wires. Even with a wireless screen interface, it still means power cord, USB wires for printer, scanner, etc hanging off your keyboard. Kinda strange considering that screens are only getting thinner and lighter.

Another problem I see is comfort. This is going to be a thicker keyboard, there is no way to adjust that. If it’s not comfortable, how many people will keep using it?

The EEeKB is Battery powered, and almost any other accessory you name (my $150 all in one printer/scanner is all over Wifi) can be had wirelessly.

So yes, you could have a ton of wires sticking out, or you could have none. Just depends on what other accessories you want and whether or not you would pay for the wireless versions.

Keep in mind that kind of device is really designed around something that you could use in your living room on the couch, and then plug in to a montior to write a paper if you needed to - I think it’s appropriate.

It has a nice look, I’ll give it that but looking at a screen to the side of a keyboard seems poor ergonomically… seems like it would give you a crink in the neck after a short while typing.

I think the screen is more of a touch interface, no?

Seems awful thick when laptops are as slim as this now

Yes, I’ve understood it as more of a customisable hotkey function.

I was curious and followed the link… it shows someone typing a quick message on the side screen

granted, maybe that’s not something you do often and does make sense as a touch hotkey pad