Next Cintiq Monitor?

Looks like this could be a Cintiq killer…especially considering it is portable!

yeah, I like it. I was going to add this to the Win 8 sketching tablet thread…

“Cintiq killer” my ass. Unless it has a pressure-sensitive stylus, this is just another tablet. Sony already has the VAIO Tap 20 on the market, Panasonic’s prototype has higher resolution though.

Have you seen this one? …from outside, that means this is not a part of existing hardware…for iMac & iPad.
up to 1024 pressure levels (Wacom is 2048). Another kickstarter project …It is nice to see some lateral thinking here.

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Sweet tablet! I am tired of asking myself why nobody has done a 15-17 in tablet pc with a good Wacom digitizer…

ipen 1, not looking good!

I hear you. I guess we are too small of a market, but it seems like a lot of people enjoy doodling on their iPad, children and adults alike.

I hadn’t heard of the Applydea Maglus until that piece. I may have to order one of those.

Only good I see from a stylus is being able to sign on a Square payment screen, signing with your finger is awkward at best.

Can’t see using a stylus on an iMac, guarantees you’ll end up with “gorilla arm.” Cintiq still rules for now.

it’s really the kind of thing that as a designer, you want to just tackle on your own - slap a nice laptop together with a Wacom screen in SW and get something CNCed up … à la the apple laptop modbook. (Just that it’d be a ton of work)

Snap! I’m in middle of doing just that (minus solidworks & cnc) I found an instructable on doing putting laptop LCD screen over a intuos. Got my brothers old laptop and picked up a 12x12 intuos 2. Had it running on kitchen table last night ( in non-electrically safe fashion), just waiting on new inverter for screen. Going to set it in a large piece of acrylic I’ve had lying around forever.

I still don’t get why wacom’s are still so expensive - I thought their patents expired already?

post some pics - I love seeing that kind of stuff!