Newson for Samsonite

Hey all,

You might know the Scope line for Samsonite which has been out for a while, but I have to share my two part curiosity. Below are two images of the backpack in the range. (A) Shall we give Newson a proper lambasting for ignoring ergonomics and usability or (B) suggest that after he designed the trolly (which is actually quite nice, and cool way to integrate mesh and EVA) Samsonite said see ya later and borrowed the tooling for the pack and duffel. HHmmm either way a tasty nugget for conversation. Delicate relationships between freelance consultant and client, Even at star status.


This Axio pack is pretty cool and tidy if your gonna go hardshell.

Great site I got these from.

Everything softgoods. Lots o pretty pictures…


Superb collection that you shown above… can i get one of these… :wink: :unamused:

Samsonite suitcases