newly updated corefolio

I just updated my corefoilos and thought you guys might like to see what i have been upto…and if you have a lead on a senior or director level job in Boston, hook a brotha up!


Nice, I like the way you have standardized the look. The background blurs are nice, add a little spice to the clean glory shots. I would love to see some small sketches at the bottom of each, but you know me, I love sketches.

So where can I get those Cup Lizards and Top Speed Snows?

Hey thanks

I’m still working on the actual portfolio pages with sketches, inspiration shots, final renderings etc. these are just a teaser…if someone wants more they can contact me!

I just figured out the Save to Web in illustrator…Sweet!

Happy Nu Year


yo btw…the cup lizards were LE on already LE collection htye are available but I’m not sure where…I’ll try to find out…if youre a 9 or 11 I can hook you up :slight_smile:

The Top speed snows were dropped…go figure…

allways the way, can’t believe they dropped the snows, at least they are a nice folio piece. I might be able to squeeze into an 11, I’m a 11.5-12, PM me your size and I will reciprocate with something.

Hey guys,
added another portfolio, this time showing some of my Puma designs

Yo thanks for the hookup will try emailing him later, I owe you one

Nice, the Japandal is a great little iconic product. I lie the way it was packaged for POP display. Its tough as a designer in footwear, because we get to work on so many production products, how can you fit it all into 1 5 slide corefolio right?

thats true but I just used 3 different emails and now have 3 different corefolios and counting…

I did the POP for japandal as well…it was a fun project that got alot of notice abd supposedly sold well to for niche product 20-30k after being forecasted for 2000


I just found a great new free portfolio site that allows upto 18 images…check mine out at

Dude, just got back in town and got the kicks, and for whatever little it is worth, these Cup Lizzy’s get the yo stamp of approval. I love them! Even more in person. Its like an old school baskeball sneaker had a kid with a Lizard skin boat shoe… but in a good way. I’m wearing them to work tomorrow when I ship you some Js!

Thank you much.


Hey Man
Glad you like them…I have them in a low too. and also in 4-5 other colorways…

Have an ineterview manana w nb so gotta finish my port…

Looking fwd to some a yo J’s!

btw i have a navy/ white cups in a low top 11 if you want them…clean and nautical they should be on

let me know

Yeah man, I’ll take them off your hands! You know the whole boat shoe thing is about to blow up.

I’ll stuff 3 pairs of J’s in the box in case you find a third pair.

The 11’s fit great. I’m used to Nike sizing which can be wonky.

ok bro you got it…another pair going out to you tomorrow! I’ll see if theres aother pair of extremes around that are cool (not likely)


yo youre in luck…i just sent you the navy white sperry cups low and a very cool pair of sand suede stowaways…I think you’ll dig them


cool, I’m compiling some stuff for you, prob won’t get to ship it till tomorrow am… revisions you know. Email or PM me about how things went.