Newly released work (footwear and softgoods)

Hey everyone,
I liked Yo’s thread on the weapon evo and figured it might be a good idea to start a sort of sketch-fu type thread for finished product. I know i would like to see/become aware of the shoes that members of this board worked on. The fall 2009 season is my first full season as a professional (has a couple shoes in spring 09) so i was quite excited when most of the product hit the market. Ive attached a couple images of some of my favorites from the collection, our new website has a bunch of others and coloways if anyone wants to check the rest out.

Would love to hear what everyone thinks. And hopefully others can share as well.

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Since im not a professional, it would be awesome to hear the background/brief/story about atleast your favourite one of them :slight_smile:

Great work! Suspension boot is my favorite, the lines on the lateral side look interesting.

sure bngi…
My favorite shoe would be the blockade boot at the top. It was a boot that was an individual idea that ended up spawning an entire group of shoes called the city ops collection. which ended up being i think 5 shoes in total. I was personally proud of this group as well because at the time it was the first shoe concept that i came up with on my own and wasn’t taking direction from anyone else. It came from a sketch page where i just randomly sketched 5 completely different shoes and took it too my boss and the boot was one of the ones that he thought was most interesting so he told me to develop it further. (i looked around for 15 minutes for this sketch and cannot find it! :angry: )

the main visual element of this boot, the ‘7’ shaped piece of suede, was directly inspired by the air huarache 2k4 i wanted it to have that ‘wrapping around the ankle bone’ piece. The boot started off as a cup sole, like a nike af1 or a rod laver adidas, but we thought that was too ordinary so we changed it to a cornerstitch sole.

I have also attached an inspiration board that i used to present at our international conference, the shoe shown on there is a spring 2010 colorway, in spring we progressed the group by using some canvases on the upper to lighten it up a bit, give it a feel more similar to some chucks.

The entire group turned out pretty well i think, it was definitely something that everyone though was new and fresh for the line. The one change that i would make if i had to go back, and it may just be a personal one, is that i think the boot looks better when it has a flat lace in it, as opposed to the waxed round lace shown in the picture, it just gives it a little less of a dressy feel, but it works both ways i think.

hope that was some useful insight, did not want to go on and on :wink:

My favorite shoe would be the blockade boot at the top.

Looks really comfortable; a nice “human” look to it, traditional materials. I’d even consider it as a work boot if the sole was a bit more “industrial”.

Definitely will be buying a pair for kicking around.

Great stuff, it has a good North West US flavor to it. I like how ou are crafting your product.

This will be my first production shoe come Spring '10.

Hey dziner 82 !

whow, simply whow.

The Hippie Shoes are back! I had a pair that looked just like jarrett that I found in my parents attic.
Would love to buy a new pair of those, but the really intriguing ones are the suspension boots. I would
love to try them out.

What a shame that Hush Puppies pulled out of Europe years ago. I remember them as a quality brand.

Chears mate

yours mo-i

thanks! We are still in quite a few of the European countries, i know germany, and spain for sure, as well as quite a few others.

im actually wearing the suspension boots right now, they are great. Where are you located? ill try and find out where our nearest location is near you. PM me if you want.

i dont know how i missed this post of yours… i like the color pop on the binding. Is this product for the U.S.?

Definitely will be buying a pair for kicking around.

Got’em [Blockades] on right now dz. Definitely the bestest fitting, mostest-comfortablest-right-out-of-the-box shoe I’ve had on … ever.

Great job!

… consider it as a work boot …

hint… :wink:

Awesome man! Glad you like them. :smiley: I have a black pair that i wear, will be wearing alot more now that winter is upon us here in MI.

With these being work from the first ‘full line’ that i worked on i think you are the first person to legitimately buy a pair of shoes that i designed! At least the first person that isn’t just data on a sales sheet that is, and not including some of my friends that get my samples donated to them :stuck_out_tongue:

Might have something for you on the workboot tip come next fall.

Congrats, I’m really liking the entire set

Well this isn’t a pair of shoes, but this has been my baby all year. Its a P.A. system and an adjustable sound responsive light show in one. Perfect for music gaming or actual live music, as there are two 1/4" line inputs with echo effect. This product and a whole line of gaming and media chairs I designed are available at our website.

cdaisy, this is a footwear thread for new projects. You should post your non-footwear projects in the Projects forum.



Didn’t see the footwear designation. Sorry.

Happens to the best of us :wink:

This is a heel I designed for a Charity event / auction involving Patrica Field x Baileys Irish Cream x Shree Moni. It is currently being auctioned at the Clothes Off Our Back site:
I was not a part of the spec’ing process, so the final design came out a little different than what I expected. However I’m happy I was able to be a part of the charity event. Below is some of the development and the final design. Feedback is always welcome.

These colorways just hit this week…get them at, bloomingdales, SF2, Akira among others…

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