Newly Released Work (All Product Types)

100% glad to have you here, thanks for contributing.

Great work looks fantastic!

@yo, can you tell us more about the Arc One boat?

Not anymore than you can see on my Instagram :slight_smile:

I’ll post it then. :slight_smile:

Cool boat. Can’t go wrong using Chris Craft inspiration. Or at least, that’s how I see it. I’m not a boat person (2 greatest days is a boat person’s life - the day they buy it, the day they sell it), but I do have a cabin on a lake. And I like fishing so a boat is needed. And if I had the means, I would be on the waiting list.

Destroyer Thrashcan retro mountain bike helmet. This was a quick-turn freelance project I did between full-time gigs a few years ago, and I had completely forgotten about it until it popped up in an inspiration image search last week. Nice little surprise.

nice, turned out really well!

I notice the little goggle strap locators on the back. nice touch.

Since you broke the seal:

It was a great project: interior, exterior, working closely with the founders and with engineering through every detail. It is nice when projects like this work out. Almost all of the engineers come from SpaceX, and the boat is a metal hull, so everything had to be designed to be be bent and welded. Having a manufacturing constraint like that to push the aesthetic can be really fun to work with. It is of course inspired by 60’s speed boats run through my particular lens. The 50/50 color block comes from my time in footwear.

It was awesome to see it get so much press… most of the original press images were actually our design renders.

I did that battery pack and motor render myself as we were jamming to get all of the renders out to hit the press deadlines :wink:

Too bad about the giant logos.

Another one broke last week. It was great to bring a former employer together with one of my best clients… and to do an interview in Fast Co about it as well! As a consultant often times I brought in on strategy, or conceptualization, or just focusing on ID as with Arc. With this one I am thankful that I got to work on everything from product strategy and ID all the way through coming up with the go to market tag line, creative direction on photography and picking the VO artist for the launch video.

Here is the Fast Co interview: Nike Fluff grinds old sneakers into new acoustic panels

Also I’m thankful that Rain picked it up for Core77: Sustainable Acoustic Ceiling Baffles Filled with Nike Grind - Core77

One more launch coming late next week for a third client. 2022 has a lot of things coming together. Then probably not another one until August… unless there happen to be some surprises. :wink:

That resonates. Makes some order out of seeming chaos of an individual’s world.
Is there a specific manufacturing process for the ‘outer’ (non-fill) element? Something akin to bent-wood furniture construction?

Good question :slight_smile:

It is a felted PET board made from 60% recycled post consumer PET (water bottles basically)… here are the specifics on it: EchoPanel - Kirei

It is machinable and thermoform-able (though thermoforming it can impact the acoustics because you are compressing some of the air gaps out). For this product a CNC drag cutter is used to to cut and score the backside and then it is bent on a jig and glued up.

That’s awesome, Michael. I did some concepts for Kirei a decade or so ago when they were just getting their sound panels off the ground. Glad to see they’re still getting after it. Nice work.

Thanks Jeff. They have been a great client. It has been interesting to learn about the specification journey as architects select products for interiors that clients have to approve and then contractors have to buy and install and only then, sometimes 3 years later, does a person get to enjoy the environment they are a part of.

It was nice to get to spend time with the Arc team last week and get to drive the second boat off the line while they were calibrating some things before customer test drives.

New retail interior design just opened!

BlackToe Running Midtown. Canada’s latest (and probably most high tech) independent run specialty shop.

I did all the interior concept, layout, material design, and build out spec for the shop. Was great working with the owners as they expanded their retail presence, designing with runners in mind.

There’s something about the permanence of physical space and the embodiment of community that it takes on when filled that makes environmental design unique.

At 24’ long, the footwear island is the feature and focus of the new location. Expanding on the unique table layout from the original shop, the midtown design was created to feel like an oversized kitchen table, complete with low pendant lighting and waterfall edges. Home. Familiar. Friendly. Clad in grey quartz with a bold, backlit fluorescent divider the design mimics a road and yellow centre line. Solid. Technical. Precise. As runners, we know it well.

I plan to post more process once I get a chance to do a write up and some more pics. There’s a lot of really neat details that surprisingly made it from concept to reality!

In the meantime, more here:


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Some new work for Biltwell with their Bridgeport performance riding glove. I wish they had made the grey and blue color way I worked up! Overall pretty close to the original gesture. They are a fun team to work with. I love working with people who are passionate about what they make and why. Enthusiasts are some of the toughest people to please and that is the fun of the challenge.

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