Newly Released Work (All Product Types)

There has been a thread for newly released work on the Footwear and Softgoods forum since 2009. It has been a great place for professionals to shre work in production. Not necessarily looking for feedback, but because as we all know bringing anything to production is a long and perilous journey, and when something makes it through relatively unscathed, sometimes you just want to share it with your peers.

I think there used to be one for branding, but I couldn’t seem to find it. Richard or Justin, do you recall it from the branding and packaging forum? There was also one in the furniture forum.

So, I thought it might be nice to start a similar thread, but for all product types, CE, Auto, furniture, footwear, tableware, timepieces, whatever you most recent production piece is, feel free to post a few pics.

For extended process posts, or in depth feedback, please start an individual topic in the projects forum.

I can kick this off with an odd one. It’s not your average design blog front page stuff, but perhaps what some might call real ID trench work :wink: Designed almost 3 years ago, but just now went up on the website, so by definition my most newly released work.
It’s quite boring stuff that I wouldn’t put in a portfolio, but I think there are enough nerds on this board who will appreciate the backstory.

I present: a ladder rung.
Background: facelift
Constraints: had to fit in the same production line, meaning almost the same shape. I improved the non-slip abilities, without making it too harsh on the hands while climbing. I send the final drawing to the production engineer, he replies with “eehm, that cross section area is 5% bigger than the old one. Yes it matter because we extrude a couple thousand km rungs each year, it’s a boatload of cash in aluminium. But you can’t make it thinner than 1.2mm because of regulations” So I shave away and end up with less material than the old one without compromising any ergonomics or strength, all while utilising a familiar design que for the brand. That felt warm and fuzzy.

Just launched this guy this week. It’s a scanner for the front end of big box retailers and grocers that uses cameras rather than the typical lasers with a loud humming spinner motor found in competitive devices. The ID was designed around a faceted language that was meant to mimic some of the mechanics inside (lots and lots of mirrors) and it features some modern touches such as capacitive buttons, a speaker ported through the large glass window which helps reduce environment noise, and an optional customer facing camera which can be used to read barcodes off of cell phones without handing your phone to the cashier.

Been in development for about 3 years, so excited to finally see this one out the door. In a few years if you see one of these not scanning in your self checkout aisle, you can blame me. You can’t however blame me for the general poor design of self checkouts. :laughing:

More images can be seen here: Motorola MP6000 by Mike Kaminsky at

@engio nice to see a classic production problem tackled!

@Cyberdemon, always good to see those long development projects come to fruition. Is the phone camera for coupons? That is pretty cool.

here is a decorative lighting pendant I recently finished. The entire fixture does not have any visible fasteners. It uses a “twist and lock” canopy that the user just gives a 1/3 turn to suck up and lock to the ceiling and a cork or rubber socket that captures the glass diffuser. LED or MR16 lamping options. Comes in a single or multi pendant and a black or white cord.

Once of my favorite pieces I’ve done in a while.

Coupons, loyalty cards, impulse buys (candy/gum), and cell phones can all be scanned through the customer side.

@cyber, nice!

@Bbarn, is that out in the US? Liking it, and remodeling a house right now…

Very nice details on that lamp BBarn.

thanks guys @yo yes its out but sold out right away, more are on the water. next im going to expand on color options for the rubber.

Bbarn, congrats. That is great.

This is very cool, I’m looking for some cool lightshades with some originality. The industrial metal look is everywhere these days.

One comment, these are very long, is there a plan for a shallower, wider variant?

I’ll be able to post some stuff to this thread after a trade show in Feb.

Not at the moment. Ive recently completed a few larger format pendants. This is the second to be released. You can buy a small standard pendant anywhere. I wanted to create something different. Yes its tall, but its materials balance out its size (imo).

I wasn’t knocking the shape, I think they’re great, but the length means they’re limited to rooms with higher ceilings , non?

no i understand. There’s just so many factors in a space that its difficult to generalize it to needing high ceilings. Some places it will be too big, others too small, and hopefully a few that are just right :slight_smile:

From the quick sell-out of inventory, it sounds like there are many that are just right.

@Bbarn- I love the simplicity of that cork/glass light fixture. If you can incorporate that concept into a different form factor (say a desk lamp or floor lamp, etc), I’d purchase one in a second. I can see that concept lending really well to a product family. At the moment, I simply don’t have a need for overhead lighting like this. Not to say many others don’t though. Great work.

I have a similar set of large Flos pendants over the island in my kitchen…that size is great, they hang low but look really nice (except when I almost break them by hitting them with my head while wiping down the counters).

The cork is a really nice way of tackling that…the Flos have these 3 awkward leveling plastic screws in an otherwise elegant fixtures…

Just took the wraps off this multi-year project. Water thrust powered jetpacks. Uses jetski for generating the water thrust needed to fly.

More pictures and explanation on

Nice rig Shaw. Crazy price though… Are those Ergon bike grips?

Price is less than 15% the price of the current product which sells for 100,000 dollars or euros depending on which continent you buy it.

Yes, designed for standard bike grips, like the Ergon ones the best for flight control.