Newest footwear paintings

Here are my 3 canvasses from this week. My wife has requested that I move on to either new subject matter or not hang anymore up in the house :slight_smile:

These shoes are the picture, the picture is good, last is better than other.

I dont understand what you posted

So how much are they worth?

imo background is too sloppy/distracting

i’d try to smooth it down as much as possible so the shoe pops, now it’s kind of lost in blue red streaky mess…unless I’m missing the point of these paintings and the streaky background is necessary to get your point accross.

Also, I think it would be a lot of fun if you tried to be more painterly with the use of color, instead of adding black and white to the main color to get shadows/highlights look at how color changes depending on light. in the first painting that you posted, the yellow shoe lace that has some blue behind it should be more orange, the blue under the shoe lace should have more purpuly shadow, white near blue also would be more yellowish ( and depending on the light source make it cool or warm), if the light is yellowish on the white the shadow should be more blue/purple…not grey. Where yellow of the sole touches blue it should be popping orange…

right now they’re kind of …okay, next.

thanks fot input, i’m working on some new ones…such as this adidas stan smith…


This is the first one i am personally starting to see shine. It looks like you are moving beyond tring to paint the shoe and are now starting to paint the idea of the shoe… didn’t Miagi say that to Daniel-son?

Jiggy, I can diggy this one!! I like the colors, and the perspective is nice. Would it be going against the whole idea to paint a pair of shoes? Just one shoe is kinda bothering me, like when you can’t find a shoe, maybe it’s just me though.

either way they’re getting better, looks like fun :smiley:

thanks…im prett happy with that one, gonna try again tonight. btw miyagi…who are you?


i just made a few changes to the backgrounds of these two…thoughts?

I wanted to make the shoes pop more and reduce the clutter in the background…

what are you painting that with… is it digital?

heres a quickie of the puma roma…acrylic on canvas btw


i like what you did with the revised backgrounds. I think it would also be nice to see a splattering look with color an not just black. but these are my favorite so far.

have you thought about doing this on shirts, jacket, or fitted cap. if the price was right I would buy one.



Jiggy you might want to check out this website-could spark some ideas.



hi mark and crew…

Yeah i saw dave whites stuff, thats what got me started…and the reason the splatter backgrounds are black is cuz i have only bought a can of black spray paint :wink: will need to get more. I ahvent yet looked into shirts but as soon as i have some free time i will Thanks mucho uno


jiggy-XXL on the shirts…def get one. let me kno

mucho uno


Sorry Jiggorama, that was me, forgot to login… thought the poor spelling was a dead givaway: :wink:

BTW… new backgounds are working :exclamation:

I think you could play with the compositions more, which is why that green background adi is so rockin I think. Takes it away from the Dave White stuff, which the side views will inevitably be comped to.

thanks yo, i agree with you on the side views…the safari was actually in persepctive but its still pretty much a side view. the waffle racer and dunk ID are lateral views but in an extreme close up, i think its pretty interesting. I’m still exploring different styles and plan on continuing with the close ups and mono color perhaps combining them…heres 2 more that i dont think i have posted yet. The dunk ID is my favorite and also my fav colorway of the dunk…yo, would you happen to have an extra reference card for the soho ID? I’ll hook you up with some Sperrys! I know thats not much of an enticemnet but i really only have a thing for 2 dunks that red, white ostrich, brown croc ID colorway and a the diamond tiffs. otherwise i’m just not that into them…