Newell Rubbermaid in Atlanta

Has anyone else noticed that this company seems to need a new designer every few months? I bet I’ve seen ID jobs with them listed close to a dozen times in seven years. Does anyone know why? Are they expanding, or do they just have trouble hanging on to people?

A friend and I have noticed the same thing as well. We’ve applied to various positions over the past year and then notice the same one pop up multiple times with no notification. I’ve applied to two very similar positions and never got a response back. He’s never recieved a response from his efforts either.

Maybe, they didnt find the right person. I got a “not a match” respond from them. I think I have seen other companies do the same. Apple’s 3D modelers, one in sf bay area, Bolt’s experience designer-( I applied then called them, the person said they were overwhelmed and after month and half a " found someone else" respond came to me. Then within few days I see the same job in coroflot.) and many others over time. I don’t have a proper explanation.

Since it is such a large company they are using computers to narrow the search. If you don’t have keywords, from the job description, in your cover letter and/or resume, the computer throws it away.

Like other companies I think its safe to assume employee referrals help.

Timf: True, keywords are used in all big company. If you got through the bots, then you will get yes or no reply.
Kershaw: You know it better. you got in through recommendation?

Started out as a sponsored studio project Junior Year… That then developed into an ID internship for a few months one summer and about a year later a full time position.

I guess you could say it was a combo of internship + recommendation in the end.

Good company to work for…

Please understand there is no sarcasm in my voice when I say the following: So they have to advertise for positions because of the type of corporation they are, but at least ID positions are filled by word of mouth?

I always wondered why a corporation has to advertise for a job when they prefer a recommended employee. Maybe some corporate rules.

I think you guys may be reading into it a bit much. I never said they solely hire from recommendation but I’m pretty sure its safe to assume that any company in just about any profession would prefer internal recommendation from an employee…

Wouldn’t you if it was your company?

Companies " prefer" recommendation. But they will select exceptionally qualified persons too. Hiring through recommendation is like a traditional method.

In the corporate world an open headcount is an open headcount, and gets posted by HR to whatever websites they use for posting openings.

With that said if someone says “hey my buddy is really good check out his portfolio” to the boss and they decide to hire that candidate, their may be a stack of resumes in the HR inbox that never get through.

That’s not to say thats always the case, but consider when you apply for a job like that their may be a hundred applicants, 10% who are somewhat qualified and 2% who they actually choose to bring in and interview.

Many corporations are required (by law depending on the state or by union) to post jobs publicly even if they have a desire to hire internally.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with it. Half the jobs I have had were based on referral and a some were never posted and did not exist before I began speaking to the employer.

Just like any other company you still go through the motions and fill out an application and get screened like everyone else, just having an internal point of reference helps out for any job in any profession

the first hand account of someone’s work and work behaviors by a trusted source already in the system is always invaluable.

Like Chevis said, many states require a public post, even if the position is already unofficially filled. The best bet is to manage and build your reputation. The world of professional designers is very small…

I don’t see Rubbermaid as different and don’t think you need to defend it so hard. Explanations yes, defense no. If anything it is the norm rather than an exception.

Agree with Chevis and Yo. It’s a state requirement. My former employer once had to have an internal posting for a design job, then posted in newspapers, and then posted it on Monster. All the while, this was simply done so that their current designer could renew his visa!

I had that when I was still on a TN. It is to ensure the US gov. that the company was providing the job opportunity to a US citizen before giving to a Non US. Thus the the company can say that they actively searched for a qualified US citizen but were unable to find one. My company at the time posted my position in an obscure paper in the smallest font they could. They Also posted on the Office news board to meet another requirement.