newbie question to alias users

Hi There - ive come to a halt on my home model build and wanted some advice.

im using the latest ed of alias 2008 on a dell laptop.


Ive built 4 curves which I have revolved on the axis to form a “dynamic” form.

the curves have created 4 separate revolves that cant be projected onto to cut out of the surfaces.

is there a way to stitch these together - ie: the curves that the revolve was created from or the revolved surfs that have resulted? - what tool - have tried all and am frustrated new user…

I would like to use cos function to trim away an area at the front of my design and without a complete surface it screws with the revolve and well, it doesnt look pretty…

thanks for your help.

oh, and sorry but I cant post an image - still confidential.


p1 :confused:

There are a few ways to tackle this…here are 2.

1 - You can project the same curve onto each of the revolved surfaces using the “projection” tool. You should should be able to select all 4 of the surfaces, and then project the curve to all at the same time. You’ll then need to “trim” each of the 4 separately. (It may help to delete construction history before doing any of this.)

2 - If the curves you’ve created touch at their end points, you can join them to each other before using the revolve tool. Look for the “cut/join” tool. I think it’s in the “curve edit” menu…might be in the “curves” menu though. To use it, you just click on the endpoints that touch each other thereby “joining” them into one curve.

Thanks for the suggestions Nate, unfortunately I have a new problem it seems…

I am getting an error report on startup that says “unhandled exception”

this happens as the startup hits the “constructing menus and shelves” script.

I have dumped the user pref files and it still does the same thing!

the only thing I can think of is that the extra tools I added to my shelves last night could have caused a conflict. though I am new to pc’s and really havent got a clue!?

any thing that you might be able to suggest before I uninstall and reisntall it again!?

… pc’s - why… :confused: :confused: :exclamation: