Newbie poster with a question

I just registered on these forums and I’m very excited to have finally found an online design forum. I’m a design student at Hampshire college in Amherst MA and so far the only design community I’m familiar with is the academic one.

Anyways I was browsing through the forums and I saw the “design fee survey” thread, one of the posters mentioned something called the Value of Design method of payment/charging clients. What exactly is that?

idea is ID has value that can be calculated. turned into $$$ number. i discount it. two of many examples why:

  • Ziba and KitchenTools
  • frogdesign and Packard Bell

most have heard the Curse of the Design Award Winners. like that Ziba project. sometimes it doesnt fly. we cant predict the future. good prediction requires good statistics. imo next to impossible to get good stats if you are a small shop doing work for diverse clients that can screw up a project on their own in a million ways. or make a bad ID project work in a million ways. and when it does work watch the company find ways to take credit.

some believe in it. some use the 5% or whatever. more power to them. i call it good salesmanship. a good salesman is worth more than any theory imo.