Newbie Intro

Yes, Sketching whether pen and paper or digitally is the main stay of any good ID program. Why, because designers have to generate dozens of initial designs ideas, comunicate them, down select, refine, and recommunicate them, and repeat until a final detailed design is selected.
You do not have to be the worlds greatest artist, yet you do have to be good enough to easily communicate your ideas. A quick 10 second search of coroflot yeilded this as an example of what I would consider appropriate entry level for a program.

Those are good, Mine is not up to that level yet. Like I said I never had any sketching experience before.

Keep in mind, I would guess they were done using an overlay technique using vellum or tracing paper. The lines are very tight and cleaned up, and show little to no emotion with in them…as well as no real line weight variations between outline, part lines, and contour lines.

As for time spent the top side views should be in the range of 10-15 minutes each from initial sketch to cleaning it up with the overlay. However, once you get the skills you can use the light line weight development sketch…darkening lines and build the cleaner sketch. Check out doug Chang ( for a great example of what I am talking about. When cleaning up do not be afraid to use tools…french/ship curves, templates, rulers. Build the skills, then begin to let the emotions show through the sketches. Look at some of the better sketches and you will see the movement and emotion form the designer. The little tails and slight line extentions fading off into the perspective. At an early conceptual level these add interest and flare to the sketch, but need to be natural and fluid. Faked effects like these are easy to spot and create a negative appeal to the sketch.

hello, one thing that kinda concerns me is the money part of the industry in Canada. Even though I have a passion for design and want to learn I still have to live and eat. I have been reading alot of the posts on salaries and it is very negitive, is it reality though. “Some say its a good living for an artist”, I dont consider myself an artist. Can anyone in Canada working in the ID industry shed some light on this subject.