New York Visit - 31st January 2010

Hello All

I was wondering if any of you kind core77-ers could help out in suggesting places to visit in New York around the end of January. I am faculty member escorting a group of 6 Industrial Design Students and 15 Interior Design Students from Northumbria University in the UK.

It’s been a good 12 years since I was last in New York and would greatly appreciate any suggestions of good places to visit, or perhaps even some offers from ID firms to play host? :smiley:

Obvious things that come to mind are;

MOMA - free on a friday

Main tourist attractions - Empire state, Chrysler building etc.

any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated - thanks for reading

best regards

Senior Lecturer - DFI, School of Design, Northumbria University, UK
Industrial Designer - Octo Product Development, UK.

Welcome David_

Here are a few suggestions:

These guys have a good list of stuff:

Also check:

The only problem with going to the MOMA on Friday is that it is super packed…

If you’re in the meatpacking district… look up and check out:

The highline is a must, but more in Chelsea isn’t it? I’d recomend staying in the Ace Hotel, not super expensive, designerly in that “dark Nostalgia” style that is in right now, and pretty fun… plus they serve Stumptown coffee.

Definitely ride the Staten Island Ferry (its free) it has sweet views of the city…although maybe a bit cold in January. Also,
head over to Brooklyn. There are some sweet galleries and stores over there. Particularly in Williamsburg, Fort Greene, and Red Hook. Also, I would try perhaps calling up some design firms and see if you can get a studio tour. Often they will oblige.

thanks everyone for the great replies - awesome stuff !

I’m busy decorating right now - but I’ll research all the above asap

thanks again guys and best wishes for the holidays ! :smiley:


The museum mile is great. Near the end there is the Museum of the City of New York which has a great 20 minute long video covering the history of New York City, I highly recommend it. They also have a Saarinen retrospective on the bottom floor which would also be nice to check out. (ends January 31st)

You could also take a stroll down Greene Street in SoHo, which has a couple of stores such as Alessi, Kartel, Cassina, DWR, etc. Could be interesting to check out.

Although I’d have to say the one thing I love the most about New York is sitting on the subways and people watching.