New Years "DESIGN" Resolution

I’m a big believer in the new years resolution. In reality you can start anytime, but the new year always adds some sort of extra kick to it.
Does anyone have any personal design related resolutions they would like to start in 2011?

For me, I would like to start being more involved with my design community, and also just designing for myself. It’s easy to leave work and not want to do any more design but I also miss working on random things not related to my job.

Side note: I also need to get to the gym more…

Start updating my portfolio and do more personal projects.

Side note: I also need to get to the gym more…

Most of these are school related. But I figured if wrote them down. It would somehow hold me more accountable to these. Plus there are a few UC kids on here that hopefully will not let me slack off.


  1. Get UC’s student IDSA program back up to full health. Its been a rocky road for our chapter the past quarters. Going to try and jump start the chapter and get more students/professionals excited. Trying to up UC’s exposure to the design community. A lot of great work is put out by UC students but I feel that not that many people ever see it. So hopefully the IDSA chapter can help change that.

  2. Refine my sketch/render style. Last quarter I slacked off in my design communications class. Just doing the work to get it done. Going to try and push myself to really get my sketches to the next level this year.

  3. Land an internship at one of the major consultancy or footwear companies. Graduation is a little over a year away, gotta buckle down and get work done.

    Side note: Go to the gym more and eat healthier. More soccer and basketball in my future.

Navigate the arduous bureaucracy of my university to establish a materials library for the ID department!

  • and unrelated to design but very important as well. I definitely have to get to the gym!

Put your soul into it.

less caffeine

Mine is take it from ten up to eleven. Twenty - Eleven. Couldn’t help it.

Seriously though. I feel like I sowed some good seeds in 2010, and made some big changes, moving coasts as well as changing not only companies, but the kind of company I work for. It would be tempting to lay back and see what happens for awhile, bit as a mentor once told me, the only way to coast is down. My resolution is to continue to pursue the things I started, start some new ventures, and to try to continue to speak at schools.

CIA, Wentworth, Mass Art, RISD and UI-UC had me come out last year and I need to remember how rewarding that is and do it more.

  1. Get better at CMF (building materials library at CMU to do that)
  2. Continue designing things I want to do (not just what’s assigned) and pursue and refine my theories about the intersection of ID and IxD, branding, and humanizing products.
  3. Land a job at a multidisciplinary consultancy (i.e. frog, Kicker) that considers holistic experiences and also is in a position to work with new technologies.
  4. Continue tackling big issues, asking questions, and challenge things at my school and in my life. (i.e. through CMU IDSA critique clinic)
  5. Find the perfect beer.

@tarngerine That sounds more like a resume mission objective rather than a resolution :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to get off the computer more. Ironic.