I agree, that it’s missing the X factor.

Is Flextronics responsible for this crap?

I know they make the current XBox and have their sites set on “product design as commodity.”

Opto, not sure if you can say, but what is your source on those?

The form work is way nicer then what they ended up with, a box with a big X, that has Trump style 10 minute marketing stupidity all over it.

TThe new one is OK, a little rashid-ish in that it looks like it was designed in one view in the computer with no sense of scale, form development or detailing, but I’m sure it will sell anyway to a bunch of punks that could care less what it looks like.

Oh and Sony4Life

Didn’t every major design firm in the US work on some part of the original XBox at some point? I thought I remember hearing that Microsoft had a bunch of consultancies working on it at the same time in order to keep its true design under wraps. Can anyone confirm this?

ASTRO!! isn’t it bootyfull. looks like a XPOD! followers…

does not have-

“iPod-like MP3 hard drive - The unit can be removed to take with you, but does not function as a standalone MP3 player” from

That alone would have sold it…

i would have expected something better from both astro and MS, i think that it is weak. i do however like a lot of astros stuff, and studiostyle. but could have done a better job. sorry, they will still sell a shitload of them! could be in a cardborad box and it will still sell like hotcakes. making Bgates even richer. i wonder if bill eats hotcakes??

Im sure he does… nobody can resist a delicious hot cake… not even ol’ silly Billy…

I doubt there was any >one< outside firm that did all the ID work on the XBOX360. From what I’ve heard of the development process on the last one, MS did have several firms doing work on it, and submitting surface geometry that was then re-interpreted by MS and/or Flextronics. As MS had a much longer development cycle on this new one (3 yrs? vs 19 months on XBOX1) I imagine they did much the same process.

If I had to say any one firm I’d guess at fuseproject for some overall direction…but there do seem to be some diluted MS aspects to it.

Kaneko’s hardware team at MS, I’ve heard, is not responsible for actual finishing and delivery of executed ID components.

“Kaneko’s hardware team at MS, I’ve heard, is not responsible for actual finishing and delivery of executed ID components.”

interesting. what are they responsible for?

Steve Kaneko hasn’t been in charge of hardware for years now, he’s moved on way up the ladder at msft. BTW, Astro didn’t design the latest XBOX.

video of the friendly people at micirsoft talking about the xbox360, the designer talks about how the form was inspired by the inhalation of breathing…i still trying to figure out what that has to do with xbox and gaming…

it has a but load of features though and wireless controllers are a must for next gen consoles…but i think xbox2 is going to have a tough time with the ps3 and nintendo (r)evolution…

What I can’t believe is that is the new XBox. I saw that image quite some time ago. Talk about bad security…well this is a Microsoft product.

Form seems to be aping what has been going on in consumer electronics while being unwilling to either add anything new or push the form farther. Sad, but I guess not all that unexpected.

The good thing for Microsoft is that people will buy or not buy the system based on software. It will be interesting to see how PS3 and Xbox stack up there.

Interview here with J Hayes:

They are giving credit for the final design to Astro and Hers Experimental Design Lab in Japan (under direction of Hayes of course) though I’m sure they worked with a number of firms during early concepting.

Kaneko doesn’t do XBOX, but the design community is small at MS so I’m sure he had some input.

It should be clear by the MTV launch that they are aiming for the mainstream market with this one. Flashing LED’s and design’s a la Alienware may go over well with serious gamers, but not the average consumer that wants it to fit in with their home entertainment system, and definitely not women (well not most anyway). The exchangeable covers will make up for this somewhat, and allow third parties like Alien to make covers more appealing for hardcore gamers. I think they’ve reached a good compromise, it not somewhat vanilla (and a tad iPod’esque - check the sketch on the interview page linked above)

In the end, the specs, the wireless controls and headset, and the games are going to sell this product. I didnt like the first gen box but Halo sold me.

The hardware team does delivery of ID, Kaneko maybe not. He’s higher level UE and concepting and management. If you want to know more about their designers look here:

So, Scrotum [I don’t even know you, yet the name seems to fit so well?]…

Who do you propose designed the Xbox360 in it’s current form?

I’d like to hear this one.

Go on…

Why only one controller port… that doesn’t seem right now does it? I think it’s ugly and doesnt have shit on the PSX design.

With all the haters on this thread - I propose a new thread get started that has some proposals for what the Xbox *should have looked like. We’re designers, and we’re visual people - so let’s see some stuff. I highly doubt most of you can do better…

we can all offer our opinions on the aesthetics of it, but the truth is we have little knowledge of the spec.s that the design team was designing to and can’t really judge wether or not the design is a success.

Well we can sit here an criticize the design for what it could’ve been or that it doesn’t follow the brand identity in comparison to the previous X-BOX, but lets get a couple of things straightened out:

  1. The first X-BOX was the ugliest thing ever. It was extremely cliche’. The plastic used made the product seem inexpensive and there was no attention to detail on the product. It seemed slapped together. It sold like crazy though. This one looks a hundred times nicer and will probably appeal to a wider market equaling more sales.

  2. Gaming systems such as the PSP, Playstation2, and X-box are being purchased by adults. So the design has to appeal more to the targeted consumer. It needs to have a clean and contemporary gadgety feel that captures the essence of most products purchased by this age group. The 360 does this succesfully.

  3. And finally the choice of materials and colors like in the previous statement not only target the consumer more succesfully, but it also helps the product integrate more into the home evironment as a unit you want to display next to your new flat screen TV and Surround sound system. I would hate to stick the ugly old X-BOX in my living room.

When people talk about the design have reasons for the hatred. We are a community of designers like “roller” said. We need to express ourselves in a designerly manner as opposed to an ignorant critical statement like “I hate this” or “They could’ve done better”. Explain why this design is unsuccesful and from this I think we can then talk. Nice job to the designers.