J. Hayes, you could’ve done better!!!

Who designed the new Xbox, was it an ID firm or in house or???

That thing is ugly! I am anxious to find out who is responsible for it…

i think it looks nice.

Still not confirmed is it? (Could be a ruse)

if you just put your hand over the whole right side then it doesn’t look so bad, hard to judge on just one side…but i am sure that sony playstation 3’s design will murda this xbox…the psp looks better in my opinion…


I remember seeing this image on a blog or new site a few days ago. It’s a fake that many people thought was real.

New one should look no less ridiculous than the current one and will be shown in two days. Live on CTV in Canada and MTV in the states…why would anyone tune in for such drivel!

Will have to wait and see how it looks in person. The first XBOX was weak, it looked like something out of Wall-Mart, cheese product graphics, chunky controller (and console), cheap plastic finish, etc.

I don’t think it’s going to apeal to American market… Looks more like something Sony will make.


but dont you think sony appeals to america? I think sony has a stronger appeal in america than alot of other electronic companies, playstation1, 2 and the new hit psp, and all the sony walkmen’s also huge.

I think sony appeals to americans even if there designs and I think xbox recognizes this and wants to benifit off of it too. the simple/ minimal look seen in apple and sony products. both are making big profits and xbox wants to eat off this trend too.


Just for kicks, here are some images of a hard model of the X-Box - circa 1998 - when it was still in the prototype & early design stage:

I think it’s g-a-y.

Where’s the “X” factor? Are they trying to get it to appeal to thirty-something single women? What’s up with the designer-furniture look?

No offense to the designers - the MS projects get run through the marketing blender a million times before coming out right, I’m sure.

I could care less what it looks like. I’m more concerned with functionality and gameplay. Obviously it will be a big step up for gaming world.

No Gran Turismo, No Deal!! Sony for life BABY :smiley:

“Sony for life…bitch!”

First of all, what really attracts users is the game offered, not the appearance. Right now it looks like a home appliance, trying to blend into the home environment softly, no impact, no significance. It’s something that you can put it in the middle of the living room and miss it. X-box, to me, should be loud and bold. That’s what teenagers want, and that’s what the first gen x-box was trying to achieve. It’s a mega arcade machine, not some alarmclock by your bed.

Both Sony and Microsoft really should invest into some LEDs and make their machine glow. Many people like to play their games in darker environment. It will look totally sweet if the logo, or part of the machine glows gradually everytime the game runs, and fades and glows like heartbeats!

BTW, maybe Philips should turn this into “Game Sphere” or something.

Looks like it’s designed by designers who can’t sketch in perspective.