New Website

Hey Guys,
I just launched my new website, check it out at
Feel free to let me know what you like, or what could be improved.

Great to see all your stuff together, looks real good upon first glance.

Pretty cool stuff you´ve got up there.

Thanks Billy and IDiot.

Looks great man, well done!


Looks very good Ben. Its great to see someone work so hard and improve so rapidly. One thing that we do not see much of is your process. I think that is what many industry professionals look for. They want to know how you think. I know you are just approaching college, but the earlier you work on developing that the better. Showing a few less designs and going deeper in to how you developed others is one way to do it, but I am sure others will have ideas as well. Nice work!

Thanks for the feedback Brent. You’re right, the projects I have up there don’t really showcase my process- a lot of them are really just single sketches. I’ll be adding some more projects in the next month or so that will include more depth in the design process.

Time is definitely on your side given the level of work you’re showing. What I would do is try to do some more designs outside of shoes. I’ve learned that what really impresses would be employers is when u can design other products as well as you design shoes.

Keep it up, and I really look forward to seeing your future work.

Thanks for the advice. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do right now, I’m taking an ID class at MassArt and I’ll be taking too years of ID my junior and senior years of high school. Hopefully come my senior year in high school I’ll be in good shape to get into a solid ID school.